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Ye Chen\'s reputation spread among the outer schools after the fight with Qi Hao.

The intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage, an enduring legendary figure defeated the disciples from the three main peaks, including a disciple at the human core stage, over one month.

At night.

The Tianyang Peak

Zhong Laodao covered his chest firmly. Losing a talented disciple broke his heart.

In the Diyang Peak.

Ge Hong sneered, "Immortal Qingyang, the Renyang Peak suffered a greater loss compared with the Diyang Peak!"

In the Renyang Peak:

Waken up, Qi Hao kept roaring like a rapid dog, "Kill, kill, I wanna kill him."


Immortal Qingyang berated with a scary sullen face, "My efforts are wasted. A disciple at the Qi condensation stage even beat you up. "

"Master, Ye Chen is viperous." Beside him, Su Xinyue answered in resentment.

"Shut up. Stick to your last in the following one month. Don\'t disgrace me in the competition among the outer schools."

In the little spiritual garden.

Ye Chen continued practicing the skills of burning sky for over six hours.

He was seriously wounded in this duel. Bruises spread over his body, especially the two bloody holes on his left shoulder and right part of his chest.

But these were nothing compared with the injuries caused by the fire whip in the Regulation Hall.

His wounds healed in a short time thanks to the skills of burning sky. Ye Chen revitalized when he came out of the door.

"Shit." He heard a howl while leaving the room.

Ye Chen found a lump of fat in the little spiritual garden except Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian.

Undoubtedly, the lump of fat was Xiong\'er.

"Are you a beast?" Lunging towards Ye Chen and checking his body, Xiong\'er was stunned to see no scars.

"Give them to me." Ye Chen stretched his palm.

"Don\'t worry. You\'ll get what you deserve." Xiong\'er glimpsed at Ye Chen and realized he asked the spirit stones won in the gamble. Ye Chen contributed to most the big fortune and Xiong\'er could not appropriate all of them to himself.

"Each one forty thousand spirit stones, according to the old rule." Xiong\'er passed one storage bag to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the bag, flicked a glance inside and thrust it into his chest after confirming the amount.

He benefited a lot from the duel. Any disciple from the outer school of the Hengyue Sect with forty thousand spirit stones could be listed as one of the well off.

Xiong\'er took one step ahead without the intention to leave and asked with a low voice, "Have you been to the Ghost Black Market?"

"No." Ye Chen shook head.

"Would you like to go there with me?" Xiong\'er winked at Ye Chen, "The auction held every three years is about to start in several days. It\'s said that lots of treasures will be sold then."

He also took out his mace, "See? The mace was bought at the auction. The auction is held every three years! You have to wait for three years if you miss this one."

"I\'m told the place is not peaceful!" Ye Chen stoked his chin.

"Fortune is sought in danger!" Xiong\'er hurried to say, "By the way, fights are forbidden during the auction. You can leave after having a look! What do you think? Will you go there?"