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A starved camel was bigger than a horse.

Although his vital energy was restrained, he was able to fight with his strong body, and could not be disdained by anyone, let alone the disciple inferior to Qi Hao.


Another screech came. Inner organs displaced, the disciple in white was hit on the tough podium, leaving a human pit on which.

"He has no vital energy. Let\'s fight against him together."

All the disciples from the Renyang Peak, except Su Xinyue rushed to the podium in a scream.

"Shit!" Burst into anger, Xiong\'er held his mace, wanted to lunge to the podium, but he took back his foot when just lifting.

Because Ye Chen\'s martial prowess played to the full extent.

Seizing the leg of the fainted disciple, Ye Chen treated his body as a weapon and swung crazily. Any disciple approached him was blocked away.

One scene appeared.

The disciples flew off the podium like earthbags.

"Awesome!" Xiong\'er sighed with a click of his tongue.

"How ferocious." The onlookers all swallowed mouthfuls of slaver subconsciously.


When a shriek followed, the elixir field of a disciple from the Renyang Peak was kicked broken by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen." Su Xinyue bellowed coldly under the podium, "You cruelly harm other disciples, aren\'t you afraid that the Regulation Hall will punish you?"

"Harm other disciples cruelly?" Bloody all over his body, Ye Chen gazed at Su Xinyue with a pair of bloodshot eyes, yelling, "Nobody can intervene the duel on the Wind and Cloud Podium, except the participants of the duel. It\'s the rule. Even if I take their lives, the Regulation Hall has no right to charge me."

"You…" Ye Chen\'s reproach enraged Su Xinyue, whose entire face reddened.

"The disciples ignored the rule first. It\'s not me to be blamed." Ye Chen\'s voice was forceful and icy cold.

Ye Chen turned around in a sudden and thumped Qi Hao, the man just crawled up but now fainted.

Cold light flashing in her eyes, Su Xinyue was about to storm to the podium.

"Su Xinyue, I persuade you to stay still. Otherwise my chasing wind arrow won\'t recognize you. " Xiong\'er said.

He changed the mace into a bow stretched like a full moon. Once Su Xinyue went up the podium, an energy arrow was ready to shoot out immediately.

She felt cold air from the energy arrow with a sullen face.

Su Xinyue was certain that her heart must be penetrated if she dared to move.

Taking a deep breath, she moved her foot back.

"That\'s right!" Xiong\'er chuckled coldly and glanced at other disciples, swearing at them, "I don\'t aim at anyone. But behave yourself. Otherwise I\'ll treat you heartlessly."

After these words, the disciples who were ready to make troubles collected away their spiritual energy and remained still.

On the podium, Ye Chen searched all over his body and took away Qi Hao\'s storage bag and all his valuable belongings.

He left a face to Qi Hao. According to his old routine, Qi Hao must be stripped.

Ye Chen jumped off the podium and walked to the outside.

When passing by Su Xinyue, Ye Chen glimpsed at her frosty cheek and sneered, "Senior sister Su, I marvel at your ability to invert justice."


Su Xinyue wanted to utter something, but Ye Chen left, his robes swaying.

Ahead, the disciples at both sides of the road made a way for Ye Chen without being asked.

Amazing, the combat today was brimming with climaxes. Qi Hao, a cultivator at the human core stage was defeated. All the disciples from the Renyang Peak cheering for Qi Hao were beaten up, except Su Xinyue.

From today on, no one dared to disdain Ye Chen, the intern disciple.

"I\'m leaving!" Xiong\'er slipped away with all the bets after Ye Chen left.

The disciples immersed in the fight woke up and found something lost.


Soon, dreary cries and screams came from the podium.

"My spirit stones!"

"That\'s my whole belongings."

"My save up in the past decades are gone."