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"What? Ye Chen continues to fight?"

Surprises rose and fell when the onlookers saw Ye Chen was ready to combat.

"His vital energy is sealed. He is destined to lose."

"He seems to struggle before death."

"In vain."

"Let me see how long you can sustain." A sharp energy sword was split in the air by ferocious Qi Hao on the podium.

Ye Chen stepped back and plucked the Tianque sword planted on the podium.


Qi Hao\'s energy sword hit on the Tianque sword, sparkling.

Without the protection of his vital energy, Ye Chen\'s arms vibrated in pain. His throat felt something sweet and a mouthful of blood was vomited.

Go to death!

Qi Hao moved quickly as if flying, his sword piercing the air again.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chen did not dodge.


Ye Chen\'s body was penetrated and blood spurted.

Meanwhile, he grabbed the energy sword with his bare hand, and gave Qi Hao a punch with his right fist.

But this time, Qi Hao prepared earlier, lifted his palm gently and grasped the weak fist of Ye Chen, whose vital energy was constrained.

"Too weak." Qi Hao grinned hideously, and hit Ye Chen. He stepped back and coughed blood.

"Will you die or not this time?" Qi Hao was about to kill Ye Chen with the bloodstained sword in his hand.

He winced while taking a step.

"This…" A trace of strong energy rushed into and fettered Qi Hao\'s body.

"How can it be possible?" Unbelievable, he saw the Spell of Heaven Spirit on his palm almost integrated with his body.

"Ye Chen has the spell?" The onlookers burst into an uproar.

"How precious the Spell of Heaven Spirit is. Can he afford it?"

"Gosh, Qi Hao is constrained by the spell."

"Well done." Xiong\'er could not hold back shouting, and his chubby hands clenched firmly in excitement.

"Where did he get the spell?" The fact that Ye Chen had the Spell startled Su Xinyue and went beyond her expectation.

"Impossible." Qi Hao roared on the podium.

"I told you, who will live, who will die, it\'s not settled yet." Several zhangs away, Ye Chen staggered up and cast a cold smile at Qi Hao.

"How can you have the spell?" Qi Hao\'s bloodshot eyes gazed at Ye Chen.

"Is that important?" Ye Chen walked slowly to him and grinned gruffly. "It\'s fair now. You lost your vital energy, so did I. That\'s the point. And the true fight just begins."

Qi Hao backed subconsciously.

Indeed, his vital energy was gone.

Was he Ye Chen\'s counterpart now?

Ye Chen\'s powerful close wrestle skills panicked Qi Hao, who relied on the vital energy in recent years and never practiced the basic wrestle skills, and was not Ye Chen\'s equal without the spiritual energy.


Screaming, Ye Chen took one step and shot out like a bomb.

Qi Hao receded in a hurry.

"Can you escape?" A gruff voice arrived with a gust of wind. Ye Chen came and gave a punch.

Qi Hao defended intuitively.

But he could not run away from Ye Chen\'s unconquerable close wrestle.


It did not help no matter how he roared.

When Ye Chen applied his wonderful skills, a disciple in white from the Renyang Peak lunged towards the podium.

Without a high cultivation base, but adept at plotting, the disciple was about to take the chance to kill Ye Chen, whose vital energy was sealed and combat ability deteriorated.

"Go to death!" The disciple in white looked ferocious and pushed his palm merciless.

"The fourth level of the Qi condensation stage. You deserve to fight with me?" Ye Chen kicked Qi Hao away, flipped and jumped like an ape, dodging the disciple\'s palm and hitting the disciple to lurch by one palm.

"This…" The onlookers were astonished that Ye Chen was still ferocious.


In their astonishments, Ye Chen dragged the disciple\'s leg and plunged him on the podium.

How wise Ye Chen was. He anticipated that the disciples from the Renyang Peak would ambush him when his vital energy was sealed.

Fortunately, except Su Xinyue at the seventh level of the Qi condensation stage, most of the disciples coming to cheer for Qi Hao were below the fifth level of the Qi condensation stage.