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Having his hair hanging loose, Qi Hao restrained by Ye Chen, bellowed but could not vent his strength or apply any secret skills.

"Witchcraft, he\' s using witchcraft again."

The disciples from the Renyang Peak began to kick up a fuss when seeing Qi Hao was thumped by Ye Chen again.

Other onlookers joined them. This time their voices were more vociferous and vigorous.

Not all of them were Ye Chen\'s friends, but felt pity for their spirit stones.

They gambled under the Wind and Cloud Podium.

Except Xiong\'er and Ye Chen, everyone present bet on Qi Hao. If he lost, their spirit stones would be gone.

"He applies witchcraft. How shabby he is."

"Get the hell off the podium. You don\'t deserve to fight with senior brother Qi."

"Take him to the Regulation Hall."

Rushing to Ye Chen, waves of curses, reproaches and bellows along with slanders of witchcraft wanted to break off the fight and save time for Qi Hao to rest.

Ye Chen would never make the same mistake since he had been calculated once.

He did not cease the attack but hit in a fierce fashion like a beast. Each punch beat up Qi Hao, who bled.


Qi Hao\'s twisted face could not help him either.

"Boy, well done." A piece of white cloth was searched somewhere and waved by Xiong\'er standing on the gamble desk.

"Senior…senior sister, what should we do?" The disciples from the Renyang Peak all cast their looks at Su Xinyue.

Panic, Su Xinyue never imagined that Ye Chen counterblew when he was hit continuously and even forced to the edge of the podium.


On the podium, Qi Hao was punched away by Ye Chen.

Bang! Qi Hao dropped on the podium, which cracked.

When he stood up, he grinned hideously, "Ye Chen, you can\'t defeat me."

Ye Chen frowned at these words while going to attack Qi Hao.

The vital energy circulating inside his body was constrained by a trace of powerful energy and so was his elixir sea.

"The Spell of Heaven Spirit." Ye Chen looked at his arm and found that a yellow spell pasted on it was melting into his body.

"Yeah, it\'s the Spell of Heaven Spirit." Unexpectedly, Qi Hao had this valuable spell.

"Ye Chen\'s spiritual energy is sealed. He is destined to lose."

"We won\'t lose this time."

"Senior brother Qi has planned ahead." The disciples from the Renyang Peak sighed with relief. The victory was without suspense.

"Qi Hao, how shame you\'re." Xiong\'er cursed loudly, "You apply the spell in the duel with a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage. You vile man."

Right now, Qi Hao only turned a deaf ear to the remarks.

He became dizzy with humiliation. An idea that he must defeat Ye Chen at any cost took hold of him.

Ye Chen\'s face froze.

It was his first time to be constrained by the Spell of Heaven Spirit. He could not break the horrible spell by the current cultivation level.

"My vital energy is fettered. I can\'t defeat him."

The looks in Ye Chen\'s eyes highlighted and faded. He thought his true fire was sealed when the elixir sea was restrained. In such a case, he could not win without his vital energy albeit a strong body and outstanding combat ability.


Qi Hao laughed grimly without any restraint.

"You\'ll lead a life worse than death." Unsheathing his sword, Qi Hao approached Ye Chen slowly and appreciated Ye Chen\'s helpless anger.

"Who will live? Who will die? It\'s not decided yet." Smiling coldly, Ye Chen prepared to fight.