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The irritation brimmed under the podium and condemn never ceased.

The noises interrupted the fight on the podium. Awkward Qi Hao had time to gasp.

"Use witchcraft. How sordid." The disciples from the Renyang Peak did not let it go and cursed without restraints.

Ye Chen\'s eyes glinted coldly and flicked from face to face. He said gruffly, "You dare to curse again."

"You use witchcraft, but forbid us to talk?" One of the disciples in white from the Renyang Peak berated.

"You can ask me to shut up. But can you ask everyone present to shut up?"

"Instead of the orthodoxy skills, you concentrate on the dishonest practices."

Facing the false charge, Ye Chen could not resist the curse waves albeit angry.

Gossip was fearful.

Ye Chen tasted what the saying meant.


Opposite Ye Chen, who was distracted, Qi Hao attacked him and a half-moon sword lunged towards him.


A bloody wound emerged on Ye Chen\'s chest, blood spurting.

"Go to death!" Qi Hao yelled with ferocious features and charged forward like a rabid dog. A gleam of light lingered above his finger and shot as his finger moved.


A bleeding hole was jabbed on Ye Chen\'s right shoulder.

Qi Hao ambushed again.

Ye Chen backed, whose face froze at once.

The scene today resembled that of the day when he was attacked in surprise in the mountains behind the sect.

Ye Chen was in a plight because of the sneak attack and the subsequent injuries.

Mad, Qi Hao did not give Ye Chen any chance to breathe, his palm, fist and sword overspread.

"Damn! Shame on him." Xiong\'er under the podium could not bear to see, slammed the desk and swore at Qi Hao.

But he was ignored.

"Beat him up." While Qi Hao counterattacked, the cheers of the disciples from the Renyang Peak shook the universe.

"Senior brother Qi won\'t lose." Su Xinyue sighed with relief when seeing Ye Chen defeated.

"Shit. It\'s unfair." Xiong\'er jumped on the desk directly and shouted.

He was the banker of the gamble.

The spirit stones bet on Qi Hao reached seventy to eighty thousand, but the ones bet on Ye Chen only a hundred. If Ye Chen lost, Xiong\'er had to pay seventy to eighty thousand spirit stones to the bettors.

He behaved anxiously not all because of the spirit stones.

Though Ye Chen was new to him, Xiong\'er saw through Ye Chen, a person worthwhile to befriend with, and treated Ye Chen as a true friend. The set-up and sneak attack of Ye Chen enraged Xiong\'er.



Blood continued splashing on the podium.

After the successful ambush, Ye Chen was beaten by crazy Qi Hao to the edge of the podium, without any time to react.

Go to death!

When a roar sounded, Qi Hao\'s sword pierced the air.


Blood spurted again.

Ye Chen did not dodge this time nor fall from the podium, albeit shoulders stabbed through.

"Today, the new and old hatred are all cleared."

Ye Chen\'s voice was freezing cold. His left hand seized Qi Hao\'s long sword and right hand infusing with torrents of vital energy punched squarely on Qi Hao\'s face.

Qi Hao was pounded by Ye Chen\'s fist, staggering.

Ye Chen gave him one more punch. Qi Hao stepped back before he steadied himself.


Yelling, Ye Chen charged towards Qi Hao like a lion regardless of bleeding.

Riled up, he did not show any mercy when facing a flock of treacherous hypocrites, but rushed to Qi Hao and counterattacked by the skills of the Classic of Beast Wrestle.



Each time Ye Chen hit, the roars of beast burst from anger.