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Another harsh hit followed. Qi Hao was blown backward in a dull hum.

"How can he be so powerful?" Qi Hao\'s face darkened at once.

But before he moved, Ye Chen lunged towards him like a lion, applying his powerful rushing thunder palm.

"Mystical light shield." Immediately, Qi Hao bit through his tongue tip and spat a mouthful of essence core blood, which transformed into a blood red shield in from of him.


Ye Chen\'s palm hit on the shield.

"Break the shield!" Shouting, Ye Chen charged forward, swung his arm and gave a punch on the shield.


The shield gathered by Qi Hao snapped. Qi Hao was pushed back, snorting.

"What a freak." Qi Hao receded. Astonishment etched across his face for the first time.

"It\'s not finished yet." Ye Chen, who stood in front of Qi Hao, did not give him any chance to rest and arrived before him in a big step.

"Shield Break." Qi Hao was about to link his hands but disturbed by Ye Chen again.

"Seek fortune, if I\'m beside you!" When Ye Chen\'s cold voice arose, the movements of the Classic of Beast Wrestle emerged right off.

As fierce as a beast running down mountains, Ye Chen\'s weird movements changed, like a tiger, an ape, a lion and a wolf. Hands, knees, shoulders and even the joints were his sharp weapons. Ye Chen caught, hit and tore.

"This tactic again." The onlookers were astounded.

Known to the disciples who watched the fight between Ye Chen and Zhao Long, this eerie combat move was powerful and swift, albeit common.

Zhao Long was defeated by those movements that day.

"Those\' re the basic wrestling skills. Why they\'re performed so strange by Ye Chen?"

"I think Ye Chen doesn\'t look like a man but a fierce beast."

"It\'s so weird."

"Boy, you\'re awesome!" Xiong\'er marveled at the fight before the gamble desk, his tongue flicking more than once.


Qi Hao\'s roar came from the podium.

Although much stronger than Zhao Long, Qi Hao capable of diverse mystical skills was interrupted by Ye Chen each time he was about to apply them, with fist and foot prints all over his body in embarrassment after Ye Chen approached him.

Right now, the scornful smile vanished from Zhao Long\'s face. Having boasted of his status as a senior brother, arrogant Zhao Long was beaten like a stray dog.

"This…" The disciples from the Renyang Peak cheering for Zhao Long were stunned.

Qi Hao, the senior brother they always respected and feared, was defeated by a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage.

"I…I see senior brother Qi Hao so awkward for the first time. "

"Senior brother Qi reaches the stage of human core!"

"Ye Chen is at the Qi condensation stage. Why is he so competitive?"

"He is using witchcraft." Silent though she was, Su Xinyue said in a deathly cold voice and gritted her teeth in resentment on particular when seeing Qi Hao was attacked.

"Witchcraft. Yes, witchcraft." The disciples from the Renyang Peak all chimed in.

"Ye Chen, you use witchcraft. How shameless!" When a disciple bellowed resentfully, other disciples also cursed loudly, following his example.

Chain effect came into being under the podium soon.

Enraged, the disciples sharing a good relationship with Qi Hao all followed. Their reproaches, curses and bellows rose and fell.

"Get the hell down. You don\'t deserve to fight with senior brother Qi."

An egg was thrown at Ye Chen on the podium from the crowd.

Many disciples took actions, flinging eggs and rotten vegetable leaves to the podium and asking Ye Chen to come down, who had to stop.