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"You\'re so weak."

Taking an advantage in one blow, Qi Hao sneered, moved elegantly and arrived before Ye Chen in one step, vital energy rushing in his palm and gathering into a star palm print.


Ye Chen swung the Tianque sword.

Qi Hao leaned to one side and dodged the giant sword. His palm lunged towards Ye Chen\'s chest and almost beat him up in one blow.

"You disdain my battle capacity?" Ye Chen jeered, who backed rapidly when the star palm nearly hit him.

"Too slow." Qi Hao confronted at an extremely fast rate.

"Slow? I speed up." Smiling leisurely, Ye Chen flung the sword to Qi Hao when he stepped back and meanwhile he charged forward while bouncing off the ground.


Qi Hao blocked the Tianque sword away and Ye Chen\'s attack ensued.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

As thunder arose, Ye Chen gave a punch to Qi Hao.

Pausing, Qi Hao counterattacked at a distance.


Two terrible palms crashed in the air, booming. Qi Hao seemed not to summon enough strength, pushed back by Ye Chen\'s palm.

"Qi Hao comes off worse in the confrontation." The onlookers were astonished.

"You know nothing! Qi Hao blocked away the sword and didn\'t have enough time to draw up all his spiritual energy. That\'s why he couldn\'t defend Ye Chen\'s move just now."

"Even so, Ye Chen is not so simple!"

"I belittled you." Stepping back, Qi Hao scorned. The small hiccup did not annoy him, because the warming up just began.

"You\'ll lose if you look down upon me."

"Let\' see whether you can defend yourself against my following move or not." Eyes glinting coldly, Qi Hao linked his hands, something changed above whose head. Millions of energy swords emerged and buzzed.

"The sword rain." When Qi Hao yelled and waved his hands, the gorgeous energy swords dropped like rain.

Ye Chen took action, plucked the giant sword planted in the podium and infused his vital energy into it.


The heavy sword was lifted high by Ye Chen, pointing the sky, and kept spinning. A huge vital energy whirlpool came into being centering around Ye Chen and tore the energy swords into pieces.

The break of the move did not enrage Qi Hao, but bred his jeer.

A trace of icy energy rushed towards Ye Chen from underground. His heart thumped.

"Ground dragon skill." Qi Hao put his palms together and bellowed.


All of a sudden, a deep dragon moan came under Ye Chen\'s feet.

Within seconds, a virtual dragon burst from ground and lunged towards Ye Chen, roaring.

"How profound the secret skill is!" The disciples under the podium all marveled at Qi Hao\'s mystical skills.

"No matter you\'re a dragon or worm, sprawl on the ground."

Ye Chen\'s gruff scream came from the podium. His fists clenched firmly and blood accelerated circulating. As his vital energy rolled into his fingers, he gave a punch at the virtual dragon energy squarely.

The powerful fist dispersed the energy. All of the onlookers were stunned.

"How strong Ye Chen is."

"We looked down upon him before."

"Oh gosh, I never know you\'re so good at combat." Under the podium, Xiong\'er sighed with relief when he saw Ye Chen pounded the dragon energy into pieces.

Qi Hao winced and linked his hands again.

"Do you think you have another chance?" A cold voice came from afar quickly. Like a lion, Ye Chen interrupted Qi Hao\'s linking hands by his rushing thunder palm.

Qi Hao stepped back with a sullen face.

Ye Chen chased after him and gave up the Tianque sword. Unfettered by the weight, Ye Chen moved gracefully with a light body, shadows flashing behind him.

"How fast." Not only the disciples under the podium, but also Qi Hao was surprised.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ye Chen trod a green flagstone of the podium into pieces and lifted his palm.

But he exerted only sixty percent of his strength on the palm.

Opposite him, Qi Hao sensed a trace of overwhelming strength from Ye Chen\'s palm, which was more powerful than previous ones.

"He concealed his power." A cold light gleamed in Qi Hao\'s eyes.

In an instant, Qi Hao paused, charged forward and pushed his tiger-head-like palm.