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The cry of Xiong\'er resounded through the Wind and Cloud Podium, who was shrewd in business and winking at Ye Chen while engaged before the gamble desk.

"I can make money." Ye Chen seemed to foresee piles of shiny spirit stones.

He thought about where to earn the spirit stones for the Xuan iron and Xuan steel previously. But now he could benefit from the gamble.

In a short time, on the gamble desk the spirit stones heaped up higher than a person, valuing as much as around fifth to sixty thousand.

The disciples returned to their seats after bet, rubbed their palms and waited for their benefit.

"Qi Hao comes." Soon, a sharp-eyed disciple yelled.

The onlookers under the podium all looked at Qi Hao in white with a white fan in hand. He stepped slowly, followed by a flock of disciples from the Renyang Peak, who came here to cheer for him.

In gazes, Qi Hao landed on the Wind and Cloud Podium gracefully with a scornful smile.

"Wow, how handsome!" Shrieks of the female disciples filled up the place.

Enjoying the appreciation, Qi Hao waved his folding fan slightly and looked genteel.

"Senior brother Qi, defeat him." High spirited, the disciples from the Renyang peak cheered for Qi Hao before fight.

"Concentrate on killing, it\'s hard for you to accomplish." Among the onlookers, Su Xinyue cast a contemptuous look at Ye Chen.

On the podium, Qi Hao gazed at Ye Chen in a disdainful manner and jeered, "Ye Chen, how dare you are. You even challenge me."

Silent, Ye Chen smiled coldly.

"Qi Hao, would you like to bet? If not, the bet comes to end." Xiong\'er screamed under the podium.

"Of course, I bet." Qi Hao flipped his fan shut gently and threw a storage bag down, "I bet on myself, ten thousand spirit stones."


His remarks caused uproar in an instant.

Especially the girls screeched continuously. In their eyes, handsome and high-cultivation Qi Hao not only came from a powerful clan but also was generous, meeting the standards of their ideal lovers.

"I\'m not so rich as senior brother Qi. I bet a hundred."

Ye Chen flung a hundred spirit stones before his name plate. Nobody bet on him except himself.

The bet ends.

Xiong\'er shouted and hammered on the gamble desk.

"The onlookers bet. Don\'t we follow their example?" Qi Hao smiled at Ye Chen with his chin high. If he raised his chin a little bit higher, it might touch the sky.

"I won\'t. I don\'t have money."

"Are you afraid?"

"No, I\'m not." Ye Chen cleaned his ears, "You\'ll pass out later after I whack you. And all your valuable belongings will be mine."

"What a big tone." Eyes gleaming coldly, Qi Hao took action with the tap of his toes. He twisted and turned, standing before Ye Chen. His unpredictable movements changed, and shadows followed.

"How fast he is."

"How mysterious his movements are!" Ye Chen, Qi Hao\'s rival also marveled.

In an instant, Qi Hao stood beside Ye Chen and lifted his palm.

Ye Chen swung the Tianque Sword at once.


Hit by Qi Hao, Ye Chen backed. But he did not spare all of his efforts, and nor would he, leaving Qi Hao the impression of his weakness to test Qi Hao\'s power.