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Soon, dawn took place of the silent night.

A piece of striking news spread among the outer schools of the Hengyue Sect.

"Have you heard about it? Ye Chen is going to challenge Qi Hao."


"Qi Hao is at the second level of the human core stage."

"Is Ye Chen mad?"

The news caused a stir.

The fights among the disciples from the three main peaks just ended. After some tranquil time, a duel was about to happen on the Wind and Cloud Podium, where Ye Chen, the drama king would take part in.

Some free disciples went to the podium to occupy a place for themselves in advance.

"Ye Chen despises the Renyang Peak. It\'s time to punish him." Immortal Qingyang, the chief master of the Renyang Peak held confidence in Qi Hao, sitting on a high stone podium.

"Yes, master." Under the podium, Qi Hao swayed his sleeves in elegance and smiled mockingly.

"We\'ll go there, too." Su Xinyue and a group of disciples followed Qi Hao.

Under the Wind and Cloud Podium, the onlookers already made way for Ye Chen, who shouldered the Tianque Sword and walked slowly.

"He defeated the disciples from two main peaks successively. Will he win Qi Hao this time?"

"Wei Yang and Zhao Long are not Qi Hao\'s match."

"The Qi condensation stage cannot be compared with the human core stage."

Ye Chen was about to go to the podium in the discussion of the onlookers, but seized by a shadow rushing out from nearby.

Ye Chen twitched his mouth subconsciously.

The person dragging Ye Chen was Xiong\'er. He looked awkward, and his swollen fatty face was black and blue. Xiong\'er must have been beaten hard by his father after return.

"Boy, tell me honestly, how sure you win?" Xiong\'er stared at Ye Chen with a pair of small eyes.

"A hundred percent sure."

"Alright!" Xiong\'er left rapidly as he came, but Ye Chen was puzzled.

Turning around, Ye Chen walked up to the Wind and Cloud Podium.

"Come here to bet. The more you bet, the more you win. Grasp your last chance."

When arriving at the podium, Ye Chen heard the voices under it.

He took a close look and found the person shouting Xiong\'er.

A desk was brought by Xiong\'er from somewhere, on which stood two plates with \'Ye Chen\' and \'Qi Hao\' on them.

Gamble beyond the competition.

Ye Chen understood what Xiong\'er was going to do.

The participants of a duel always bet on something usually.

Under the podium, the slack disciples also bet on their spirit stones. Some lucky ones would make great fortune overnight, but the unlucky ones might lose all their wealth.

"Come on, bet one spirit stone on Ye Chen, reward ten. Bet ten spirit stoneon Qi Hao s, reward one. The more you bet, the more you get. "

When Xiong\'er shouted, the onlookers all flocked to him.

"Bet on Qi Hao."


"Qi Hao\'ll win."

It was not easily to imagine that almost all the disciples preferred Qi Hao and bet on him. The spirit stones before Qi Hao\'s plate piled high, but in front of Ye Chen\'s plate was nothing.

"Am I so weak?" Stunned, Ye Chen stood on the podium and glanced down.

But he grinned.

"Never withdraw the spirit stones you handed."