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Ye Chen stroked his chin, saying to himself, "I forgot that place."

Situating at the junction of the Hengyue, Zhengyang and Qingyun Sects\' borders, the Ghost Black Market was a place for trade and disposal of stolen goods. It was not safe and notorious since ancient times, where many villains showed up.

Ye Chen had never been to the market but heard of its bad reputation earlier.

Albeit chaotic, it sold some priceless treasures at a lower price. Many cultivators searched for some valuable items there.

"What\'s the iron and steel\'s prices there? Compared with yours?" Ye Chen looked at Zhou Dafu.

"The Xuan iron and Xuan steel there are ill-gotten. Mostly, owners hastened to sell them out, which\'ll cost you forty to fifty thousand spirit stones less."

"Forty to fifty thousand?" Ye Chen rubbed his chin again. Forty to fifty thousand spirit stones were a big fortune to him. If he could buy the Xuan iron and Xuan steel in the Ghost Black Market, he did not mind going there.

"It is dangerous there. You may lose your life anytime. Consider before you go." Zhou Dafu glanced at Ye Chen.

"I have no other choice. Your price is so high!"

"Just forty to fifty thousand spirit stones. You can save them up." Zhou Dafu coughed, "I did not pick the Xuan iron and Xuan steel by chance, but spared great effort in obtaining them. I also need to make some money!"

Twitching his mouth, Ye Chen thought that both Zhou Dafu and Pang were wily old foxes.

Hu Wa finished his selection and came out with his weapon.

He did not choose a spirit sword but an iron staff not matching his height. It could be used reluctantly.

"Black iron bar." Seeing it, Zhou Dafu stared at Hu Wa and asked him, "Little boy, why did you choose this one from so many spirit tools?"

"Hu Wa, you can change another one." Ye Chen grinned.

Spear was the most difficult to practice among numerous weapons. Compared with spear, staff lacked a spear head, not easy to practice as well. So Zhou Dafu and Ye Chen suggested Hu Wa change another spirit tool.

"No need, no need. I like it so much." Hu Wa chuckled.

"Alright, take it!" Ye Chen stopped persuading, because he knew that Hu Wa would not change his mind once he made decision.

"A sword is sharp, and a staff is mystical. Just take it away." Zhou Dafu did not object anymore.

"Sect elder, do you have any mystical arts about staff?" Ye Chen turned to Zhou Dafu.

Hu Wa had a lot to learn as a fresh cultivator. Even Ye Chen knew nothing about staff skills, let alone Hu Wa.

"Staff skills are not so popular. I don\'t have." Zhou Dafu shook his head, "You can go to the Treasures Pavilion to have a look. Pang Dahai may have."

Ye Chen was a little disappointed.

"So it is. We\'re leaving now." Ye Chen cupped his hands respectfully and walked out of the Spirit Tools Pavilion with Hu Wa.

They went to the Treasures Pavilion but found nothing.

Ye Chen took Hu Wa to the small hill top where he always practiced and instructed Hu Wa sometimes, the two taking care of each other.

"Hu Wa, diligence can help you boost your cultivation base! Work hard!"

"Ok. I\'ll work harder and not disgrace you."