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After leaving the Jiuqing Pavilion, Ye Chen dragged Hu Wa to the Spirit Tools Pavilion and selected a fit weapon.

"Big brother, I disgraced you." Hu Wa lowered his head while walking.

Ye Chen paused.

Soon, he figured out why Hu Wa said so. The honest boy seemed to care about Qi Hao and Qi Yun\'s comments. Abeit Hu Wa\'s peer, Qi Yun was much stronger than Hu Wa.

Ye Chen heard about that Qi Hao, a son from a cultivation clan, came to the Hengyue Sect in his boyhood.

Apparently, the teenager named Qi Yun was also from Clan Qi and came to the Hengyue Sect for cultivation.

The Great Chu Empire enjoyed a great deal of cultivation clans, such as Clan Shangguan from the Dongyue area, Clan Situ the Xichu area, Clan Qi the Nanjiang area and Clan Wang the Beichuan area. Qi Hao and Qi Yun must come from Clan Qi of the Nanjiang area.

Although the foundation of the cultivation clans was not so profound as that of the sect, disciples from the clans were bathed in and nurtured by spiritual medicine over their growth.

In terms of this, not only Hu Wa but also Ye Chen could not catch up with them.

"Your cultivator career just begins. You have a long way to go." Ye Chen patted Hu Wa\'s shoulder and gave him a comforting smile.

"Shouldn\'t I come here?"

"Now that you\'re here, just concentrate on practicing. There are the weak and the strong in the world. But God is fair. If you\'re inferior to others, you may not be so forever. I was looked down upon when I arrived here."

"Er, I\'ll work harder and never lose your face."

They reached the Spirit Tools Pavilion.

Asleep, its sect elder Zhou Dafu opened his eyes upon their arrival.

"Come in. But select only one tool!" Zhou Dafu waved his hands.

"Go ahead!" Ye Chen gently pushed Hu Wa forward, "Select the tool that fits you. I\'ll look for a better one for you later. "

Ye Chen disturbed the sleep of Zhou Dafu, who sat up and stretched hands, yawning.

Before Hu Wa came out, Ye Chen stepped towards Zhou Dafu and smiled, "Sect elder, do you have Xuan iron or Xuan steel?"

Xuan iron and Xuan steel were invaluable materials for weapon refinement, and rarely found

Asking their prices, Ye Chen wanted to refine the essence of the two materials into the Crimson Cloud Sword. The combination of tough Xuan iron and soft Xuan steel was perfect.

That was recorded in the Weapon Refinement Knack.

"Albeit rare, I have both of them. But I\'m afraid you can\'t afford!" Zhou Dafu rubbed his sleepy eyes.

Eyes sparkling, Ye Chen hurried to ask, "Sect elder, how much are they?"

Zhou Dafu did not respond, but stretched one finger.

"A…a hundred thousand?" Ye Chen had to swallow a mouthful of slaver.

"The price is low. They are sold at a higher price in Pang Dahai\'s Treasures Pavilion." Zhou Dafu glimpsed at Ye Chen\'s complicated look and continued, "A hundred thousand spirit stones can be exchanged for a piece of egg-sized Xuan iron or Xuan steel."

Ye Chen swallowed a mouthful of salver again.

He knew how precious the iron and steel were, but underestimated their price.

A hundred thousand spirit stones.

A disciple from an outer school might not get so many spirit stones in his whole life. Even though Ye Chen could sell the jade spirit liquid he refined, it would take a long time to make such a great wealth.

"There is a place where the two things are cheaper." Zhou Dafu went on talking.

"What\'s it?"

"The Ghost Black Market."