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Neglecting other disciples\' discussion, Ye Chen held Hu Wa\'a hand and passed by slowly.

Hu Wa followed behind Ye Chen in trepidation, and did not dare to react to the onlookers\' comments and gesticulation.

"Don\'t be afraid." Ye Chen grinned.

"I…I\'m not afraid."

After turning several corners, Ye Chen brought Hu Wa to the Jiuqing Pavilion to get an identity card.

The arrogant sect elder Qingyi stood in the hall.

He smiled when Ye Chen came inside, "Boy, I didn\'t recognize your talent."

Sect elder Qingyi still remembered the first time Ye Chen came here, when the chief masters of the three main peaks were present, refusing to take Ye Chen as their disciple because of his poor talent.

But what happened next startled him. An intern disciple turned down by the three main peaks was an amazing genius. All of them regretted for rejecting Ye Chen.

"Sect elder, please don\'t kid me." Ye Chen laughed.

He brought Hu Wa before sect elder Qingyi and grinned, "Sect elder, this is Hu Wa. He comes here to get his identity card.


The looks of sect elder Qingyi settled on Hu Wa.

Qingyi looked Hu Wa up and down and pinched his arms and shoulder. He already made a mistake, and could not make the same one again.

He checked carefully this time. Hu Wa\'s talent and quality were mediocre, inferior to Ye Chen\'s.

"Boy, you can only be an intern disciple now." Qingyi looked at Hu Wa and asked, "Will you?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Hu Wa nodded, "Grandfather, I\'m willing to do anything as long as I can cultivate in the Spirit Mountains."

Sect elder Qingyi chuckled and walked inside.

After a short time, he came out with a storage bag.

Ye Chen took the storage bag on Hu Wa\'s behalf, bowed to Qingyi, cupping his hands, "Sect elder, thank you."

He was about to leave but sect elder Qingyi called him.

"Boy, would you like to be my disciple after your internship?" Qingyi gave Ye Chen his offer.

According to the rules of the Hengyue Sect, the sect elders from the three main peaks or other pavilions had the right to receive disciples. Qingyi wanted Ye Chen to be the disciple of his Jiuqing Pavilion.

"Thank you for your appreciation. I\'ll consider your offer after my internship." Smiling, Ye Chen neither accepted nor refused the offer. His answer was tactful.

"I\'m waiting for your answer."

Nodding, Ye Chen took Hu Wa out of the Jiuqing Pavilion.

He encountered an acquaintance, to be more precisely, an enemy.

A disgusting mock always showed around the mouth of the dashing man in white robe. Taking a closer look, Ye Chen found him Qi Hao from the Rengyang Peak, who ambushed Ye Chen in the mountains behind the sect.


Qi Hao sneered when seeing Ye Chen, "How small the world is! You useless guy are seen everywhere."

Cold light flashing in his eyes, Ye Chen intended to have a duel with Qin Hao at the podium right now. But he gave up this idea after deliberation, because he did not want Hu Wa to see bloody scenes.

"What? You weren\'t lashed to death by the fire whip?" Qi Hao disdained smilingly.

Beside Qi Hao stood a swaggering teenager named Qi Yun at the same age of Hu Wa. He glanced at Hu Wa and scorned, "So weak."

Self-abased, Hu Wa lowered his head in Qi Yun\'s look, outdone by Qi Yun in the terms of original birth, cultivation base, temperament and quality.

Ye Chen dragged Hu Wa away, but replied coldly.

"Qi Hao, I\'ll wait for you at the Wind and Cloud Podium tomorrow."