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It was midnight when Ye Chen returned to the little spiritual garden.

When he entered the garden, Hu Wa was sitting on a cattail hassock and breathing in the vital energy between the heavens and the earth.

After check, Ye Chen found that Hu Wa had solidified his cultivation base at the first level of the Qi condensation stage.

"What a diligent boy you are." Ye Chen smiled.

His words disturbed Hu Wa, who opened his eyes and hurried to stand up when seeing Ye Chen, "Big brother, you\'re back."

"How do you feel?" Ye Chen patted Hu Wa\'s shoulder.

"Great! Ha..ha…" Exposing his two rows of white teeth, Hu Wa, the honest boy, did not know how to conceal his true feelings, "I\'m vigorous now. And I eat more!"

"You\'ll be stronger in the future." Ye Chen gave Hu Wa a comforting smile, fished out three bottles of jade spirit liquid from his storage bag, and presented them to him. "Take three drops every one hour. Three drops are the limit, don\'t drink more."

"Big brother, thank you." Excited, Hu Wa wiped the bottles with his sleeves.

"Come to me when you drink up."

"Alright." Hu Wa nodded and looked up with his sparkling eyes, "Big brother, may I go to the Spirit Mountains to practice just as you do?"

Ye Chen was silent.

He knew how dangerous the sect was. The weak were bullied and the strong would cause jealousy. The schemes were beyond defense.

Hu Wa, the honest boy, had no idea about what deception and plot were. Ye Chen did not want him to expose to these evil things too early.

"I just want to have a look at the world in the mountains." Hu Wa lowered his head when Ye Chen was silent.

Albeit sigh in mind, he still grinned to Hu Wa and tapped his head, "You make some preparation. I\'ll take you to the Spirit Mountains tomorrow."

"Really?" Hu Wa raised his head.

"Yes. Go ahead to prepare."


Hu Wa scuttled into his small room happily.

Dear me!

Ye Chen sighed after Hu Wa left, "Helping you to become a cultivator is right or wrong?"

Glancing at Hu Wa\'s room, Ye Chen went to heal the little eagle\'s wounds. Afterwards, he walked into Zhang Fengnian\'s room and infused a bottle of jade spirit liquid into his body, assisting him in recovery.

Finally, he returned to his room and put the little purple gold gourd at his bedside to inhale the spiritual energy.

Closing eyes, he began to practice the skills of burning sky, refining his body.

The next day, he stepped out of his room before sunrise.

Hu Wa waited in the garden, who had already got up and changed clean clothes.

"Behave yourself when you practice in the mountains. Don\'t bring about any trouble. Come back early." Zhang Fengnain held a walking stick and enjoined Hu Wa again and again, afraid that he would be bullied.

Ye Chen paced slowly towards Zhang Fengnian, smiling, "Sir, don\'t worry. I\'ll take care of him."

After a quick breakfast, Zhang Fengnian saw Ye Chen and Hu Wa off.

Hu Wa kept looking around with his big eyes, from majestic peaks, magnificent palaces to spirit trees with brilliant light lingering around. It was his first time to reach the Spirit Mountains and everything was new to him.

A lot of disciples came to the Spirit Mountains to absorb the vital energy today.

They returned to cultivation practice perhaps because the fight among the disciples of the three main peaks came to an end temporarily and had nothing to watch. Maybe the competition among the outer schools to be held in a month put pressure to them and they had to speed up practice.

But Ye Chen\'s arrival captured many eyes.

The intern disciple\'s behavior shocked everyone since he came to the Hengyue Sect, such as defeating Zhao Long on the Wind and Cloud Podium, pounding Wei Yang to half maimed and getting punishment in the Regulation Hall.

"Why does he bring Hu Wa here? He ignores the rules in public?"

"Are you blind? Vital energy vibrated in Hu Wa\'s body."

"He can cultivate?"