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A sound arose inside Ye Chen\'s body. Ye Chen progressed and reached the fifth level of the Qi condensation stage as he wished.


Exhaling turbid air, he refreshed.

Glistening in golden light, his meridians became stronger and bones more resilient during the refinement by the true fire.

The volume of his elixir sea expanded because of his advancement.

"I need a hundred bottles of jade spirit liquid for the following breakthrough." Ye Chen estimated the amount of spiritual energy he needed for the next level.

The fifth level was a watershed of the Qi condensation stage.

It was not hard to reach the previous four levels. But difficulty doubled from the fifth. The breakthrough would be extremely arduous, especially with the elixir sea.

"Fortunately the true fire can help me refine the jade spirit liquid. God knows when I\'ll make next breakthrough only by the vital energy between the heavens and the earth."

Ye Chen bounced from the ground and relaxed his stiff body.


His storage bag vibrated when he stretched.

Ye Chen opened his bag and found the item moving was the little purple gold gourd which he bought in the Treasure Pavilion.

It remained still since then.

Astonished, Ye Chen took out the gourd and found that purple light flashed above it and its engraved characters wandered up and down sometimes.

"My breakthrough triggered its awakening?" Ye Chen murmured and plucked the bottle plug gently.

All of a sudden, it vibrated again.

Soon, a small whirlpool showed up around the bottle neck, and absorbed the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth.

Ye Chen\'s eyes sparkled.

He did not wedge the bottle plug, but quietly observed the change of the gourd, which breathed in the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth like human.

Ye Chen broke the seal of the cave and walked outside.

Compared with the spiritual energy inside the cave, that out of the cave was thicker. The little gourd was put on a rock, absorbing the vital energy immediately and stored it inside.

After some time, Ye Chen walked closer to the gourd and looked into it though its bottle neck.

He marveled at that the spiritual energy taken in transformed into several drops of purified vital energy liquid.

"You are so capable." Stunned, Ye Chen lifted up his head and gulped the liquid in the gourd.

The liquid went through all his meridians and nurtured his body like spring water.

"It can equal the jade spirit liquid." Happiness unfolded on Ye Chen\'s face.

He put the gourd on the rock again to inhale the vital energy between the heavens and the earth.

What\'s more, Ye Chen poured a few bottles of jade spirit liquid into the gourd and found that the jade spirit liquid integrated with the spiritual energy liquid. The combined liquid turned to be more pure and fire burned in Ye Chen\'s eyes.

Ye Chen poured all the jade spirit liquid of his storage bag into the little gourd.

"Wonderful!" Stroking the little gourd, Ye Chen thought it was worth the one thousand and three hundred spirit stones he spent.

The gourd could breathe in spiritual energy in the place where the vital energy was thick and transformed the energy into spiritual energy liquid.

Albeit its slow transformation speed, it kept absorbing the vital energy. Long after, more spirit energy liquid would accumulate. What mattered most was that the process did not consume Ye Chen\'s time.

"Treasure! It\'s really a treasure." Ye Chen chuckled and collected this little purple gold gourd, leaving the mountains.