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Late at night, Ye Chen left the little spiritual garden, found a serene place, sat on a rock in lotus position and tried to fathom the mysteriousness of the true fire in his elixir sea.

He benefited a lot from the true fire: restoring his elixir field, opening up the elixir sea and refining his vital energy. Compared with his cultivation foundation in Zhengyang Sect, the current one was more secure.

"It is really marvelous." Ye Chen whispered. He closed eyes to refresh himself and became more clearheaded than ever.

Soon thin spiritual energy pooled and formed an energy whirlpool centering around Ye Chen and also controlled by him. The energy absorbed by Ye Chen rushed into his elixir sea through his acupoints, and was refined by the golden true fire.

Ye divided the true fire into millions of trails, some infused into meridians, and others enwrapped bones. In a word, the fire was used for the refinement of bones and meridians.

After a long time, his meridians widened and softened imperceptibly. The scars of meridians on his bones smoothened as well, and even some golden sparkles lingered above them.

Ye Chen had no idea what time he jumped off the rock. After the refinement, the ease he had was never experienced before.

"Very well." Shouting delightedly, he strode down, with rushing vital energy gathering in his palms and even lightening wandering among his fingers.

"Rushing Thunder Palm." Ye Chen screamed and stroke a rock.


The strong palm cracked the rock with thunders.

With an overwhelming impact and vociferous sounds, the mystic attacking skill practiced by Ye Chen was called the Rushing Thunder Palm.

The skill required its practitioner to have a strong body; otherwise it would hurt the practitioner\'s meridians and bones while destroying his enemies.

That was the shortcoming of the Rushing Thunder Palm.

But Ye Chen could ignore the shortcomings.

After the refinement, the strength of body and the toughness of meridians and bones could totally help Ye Chen avoid the harm.

Morning dawned soon.

As rosy dawn appeared in the east, Ye Chen opened his eyes.

Exhaling turbid Qi, he turned over, got up with a ruddy face, and regained stamina and steady breath.

Ye Chen walked out of the little garden after taking a simple breakfast.

In front of him were endless stairs ascending to the top of the Spiritual Mountain and extending into clouds. Ye could not see the limit.

Taking a deep breath, he walked on the stairs. Ye Chen could feel tremendous energy flooding towards him while taking each step.

With the last step, he raised his head and stared at the world that majestic mountains in the distance and towering ancient woods stood, misty spiritual energy and clouds floated, and cranes sometimes flew through clouds.

"I find the feeling that I once experienced in Zhengyang Sect." Smiling, Ye Chen greedily inhaled the spiritual energy in the air.

He took the route Zhang Fengnian told him.

In the early morning, spiritual energy and the essence of sun and moon were the purest. Ye Chen saw many diligent disciples sitting on rocks in lotus position for breathing exercises and cultivation. When he passed them, they glimpsed at him in a hurry and continued their practice.

Ye arrived at Jiuqing Pavilion after turning several corners.

Several disciples entered or left the pavilion. When they saw Ye Chen, a stranger, each of them would look over him, and disdained him while finding his cultivation base the first level of Qi condensation.

"Here it is." Ye Chen looked up at the pavilion, and went inside, presenting his recommendation letter.

In the hall, Sect Elder Qingyi received the recommendation letter. Before opening the it, he looked Ye Chen up and down while learning that Ye was introduced by Zhang Fengnian.

While the sect elder measured Ye Chen, Ye Chen also looked him over secretly.

Ye Chen whispered himself, "This man\'s countenance is strange."

Ye Chen was right. With eyes, nose and mouth slanting in different directions, the face of the sect elder contorted. Ye even had a desire to rectify the positions of those organs.

He looked away from the sect elder.

Except the Sect Elder Qingyi, there were another three people sitting there. One was big-bellied, one was gaunt, and the other could be counted as a normal person. They chatted merrily. It seemed that they were not the sect elders here, but came here for a visit.

They were the chief masters of three main peaks belonging to Hengyue Sect\'s outer schools: Zhong Laodao, Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang.