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After a while, they came to the field with snow magnolia flowers.

Indeed, the place enjoyed numerous snow magnolia flowers, just as Xiong\'er said. Each one glistened in colorful light. If they took some away, it was hard to discover.

What mattered most was that the snow magnolia flowers were not so rare as other precious spiritual grasses. They were not guarded.

"I searched all over the mountains behind the sect, but found few snow magnolia flowers. Here are a lot."

Ye Chen sighed to himself that how wealthy the Hengyue Sect was. He would make a great fortune if refining the flowers into the jade spirit. What a pity, the spiritual herbs garden was not his.

"Don\'t be entranced! Pluck!" Xiong\'er urged.

He began to move and took out a storage bag from his crotch. Like a robber, Xiong\'er picked one snow magnolia flower each time he moved.

Ye Chen fished out the storage bag and rushed in.

"Don\'t pick the grass from one place. We\'ll be caught easily."

"Of course I know."

"You know? But you still pick from one patch. You almost pluck all the flowers away from there."

The two behaved shamelessly like two robbers.

Xiong\'er waved his hand, until their storage bags were stuffed. "Let\'s go!"

Ye Chen thrust his storage bag into his chest. But his true fire vibrated when he was about to leave.

There was a treasure here.

It was Ye Chen\'s first thought.

With his eyes half closed, Ye Chen looked around. But he did not find anything strange due to his limit eyesight.

"Let\'s go!" Xiong\'er dragged Ye Chen to the outside.

Albeit eager to explore the deepest, Ye Chen still followed Xiong\'er. They came here to steal spiritual herbs. If someone stood in their way, who knew

what would happen.

When they arrived downstairs in the pavilion, someone rode a rainbow in the air and came to them.

"What a bad luck, my little uncle returns." Xiong\'er screamed.

"What a misfortune." Ye Chen cursed secretively. Why Xiong\'er \'s uncle came back at this time.

A shadow landed from the sky instantly.

Tall, the person had regular features and a demeanor of master hand. But his mouth was a little big.

He was Lin Qingshan, the sect elder guarding the spiritual herbs garden and Xiong\'er\'s little uncle.

"Little uncle, you\'re back." Xiong\'er rubbed his hands and laughed.

"Xiong\'er?" Lin Qingshan paused, "What are you coming to the garden for at midnight?"

"Nothing." Xiong\'er cleaned his ears and answered, "My dad wants to marry a new girl and asks me to send you his wedding invitation."

"What?" The reply infuriated Lin Qingshan, whose face darkened immediately.

Ye Chen nearly kneeled down when hearing the words. Xiong\'er was good at lying. But how could he entrap his father?

"Xiong Dahai, you\'re courting death. Enraged, Lin Qingshan spun around and flew away, seeming to seek a duel with Xiong\'er\'s father.

Ye Chen thought Xiong\'er\'s father was destined to suffer.

"Why are you entranced? Let\'s go." Xiong\'er took Ye Chen out of the garden after Lin Qingshan left.

"Don\'t you fear your dad will beat you when you\' re back? Ye Chen flicked a sympathetic look at Xiong\'er.

"Nothing. I\' m beat by my dad everyday."