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At night, Ye Chen and Xiong\'er came to the spiritual herbs garden lying among the outer schools of the Hengyue Sect.

Enwrapped by floating clouds and mist, the garden occupied a wide area, where colorful spiritual herbs glimmered. Thick medicinal aroma overbrimmed the garden.

The spiritual herbs garden was guarded all around. No one could enter it without permission.

"Hey, can your plan work?" Ye Chen cast a look at Xiong\'er, whom he found unreliable, next to him.

"Certainly, it can!" Xiong\'er patted his chest and walked into the garden one step ahead of Ye Chen.

Looking around, Ye Chen caught up with him.

In the garden, a pavilion situated in the deepest spirit fruit forests.


Before Ye Chen and Xiong\'er approached, a woman\'s groan came out from the pavilion. They even noticed that the pavilion quaked.

Ye Chen twitched his mouth when he heard such a sound, which he was so familiar with. The yell of the beautiful girl at the virtual spirit stage in the cave that night was more lewd than this woman\'s.

"How dedicated your little uncle is!" Ye Chen turned around his head and looked at Xiong\'er.

"It doesn\'t sound like my aunt\'s voice!" Xiong\'er rubbed his head.

He swayed his stout body forward and shouted at the pavilion, "Little uncle, you there?"

"Come on, put on your clothes." A man\'s urge arose in the pavilion.

Soon, the sound of pounding feet sounded, and two improperly dressed disciples, a man and a woman, showed up at the entrance of the pavilion.

"Fatty Xiong, so you are!" The panic man sighed with relief when he found the visitor was Xiong\'er. He waved hands to the female disciple, "Baby, you go back first."

"I\'ll come to you tomorrow." The girl flushed.

Swinging her sexy body, she leered at Ye Chen when passing by.

Ye Chen ignored. Perhaps from that night on, no other women could fill his heart.

"Li San, how dare you are! Aren\'t you afraid that my uncle will beat you?" Xiong\'er cursed Li San, "Damn you, the pavilion might be regarded as a brothel."

"Master left to roam. Who knows when he\'ll come back. I\'m so lonely and find a partner."

"My little uncle travels?"

"Yes, he left half a month ago."

"Oh, it\'s perfect." Xiong\'er fished out an iron bar from his chest and plunged it upon the disciple\'s head. The disciple fainted at once and fell to the ground with his face hitting the ground.


Ye Chen jerked his mouth, "You come here to pick spirit grass? You rob!"

"I don\'t care robbing or stealing, as long as I can get the spiritual herbs in hand." Xiong\'er began to take action and threw the disciple in the grasses, clapping his hands, "If my uncle blames us, I\'ll shoulder the responsibility! We won\'t take too many. It is hard to discover whether we pluck the herbs or not."

"I feel like being trapped." Ye Chen rubbed the place between his eyebrows.

"Don\'t talk nonsense, let\'s go."

Afraid of being found out, Ye Chen still followed Xiong\'er.

The miscellaneous spiritual herbs in the garden dazzled Ye Chen\'s eyes. Most were absent in the mountains behind the sect. Ye Chen did not dare to touch the invaluable spiritual grasses which were forbidden to pick.