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"What is it?" Ye Chen pointed at the black energy and asked.

"Evil thought of the mace\'s last owner. I can\'t truly own it while the evil thought still exists."

"Evil thought!"

Surprise gleamed in Ye Chen\'s eyes when he heard the notion.

The owner passed away, but his evil thought still remained in his weapon. It was not hard to imagine how strong the last owner was and the mace must be a powerful weapon.

"You\'re sure the true fire can refine it?" Ye Chen glimpsed at the fatty boy.

"Yep, it can!" He answered in a certain tone, "Any evil thought belongs to the supreme Yin and fears anything belongs to the supreme Yang. As one of the supreme Yang, the true fire stems from the heavens and the earth. It surely can refine the evil thought."

"Let\'s begin!" Ye Chen summoned his true fire in mind.

The true fire burned and danced in the cave, where the temperature rose dramatically. The cave walls were golden in the fire light.

"What a powerful true fire. It must refine it. Ha…ha…hah…"

The boy was confident when seeing Ye Chen\'s true fire and hastened to hang his mace in the air.

Ye Chen ran his true fire, which enwrapped the mace.

The black energy struggled in the burning true fire.


When a shrill cry sounded, Ye Chen and the plump boy were entranced in an instant.

"See, just as what I said." The boy rubbed his chubby hands while seeing the black energy struggle.

"The wicked thought is too strong. I need one hour." Ye Chen estimated the time he needed.

"It\'s ok. I have plenty of time." The fatty boy squatted and stared at his mace.

He was stout and all his flesh squeezed together when he crouched.

"My name is Xiong\'er."

Looking at the mace, the boy told Ye Chen his name "Xiong…Xiong\'er?"

"I\'m the second child in my family, so my dad named me Xiong\'er."

Ye Chen jerked his mouth when hearing the answer. He glanced at the boy and asked him tentatively, "So you elder brother\'s name is…"

"Xiong Da."

"Is your younger brother called Xiong San?"

"I don\'t have a younger brother."


Ye Chen did not ask anymore. In his opinion, Xiong\'er was a strange guy, but his father was much stranger. Otherwise how he could gave such peculiar names to his sons! How ridiculous he was!


Another shrill cry sounded from the mace.

The trace of black energy, the evil thought of the mace\'s last owner, turned to be extremely thin. No matter how it struggled, it could not escape the refinement by its natural bane, the true fire.

One hour later, Ye Chen collected his true fire.

"Very well, very well. Ha…ha…ha…" Xiong\'er took the mace and dropped his blood on the mace in a hurry.

Soon, the mace absorbed the blood.

And it vibrated subsequently.

"Big, bigger." Xiong\'er became the owner of the mace. With thick spiritual energy, it expanded immediately, thicker than a tree and taller than a person.

"No one could bear being hit by the mace!" Ye Chen stoked his chin and said to himself how powerful the mace was.

Next to him, Xiong\'er collected the mace happily, and patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder, "I\'m delighted today. I treat you to a drink."

Ye Chen glimpsed at Xiong\'er, "You don\'t want to pay."

"We become intimate at our first meeting. Talking about money ruins our friendship."


Xiong\'er threw his arms around Ye Chen\'s neck and winked at Ye Chen, "You have the true fire. How about joining me ? We make a big business."

"Pay me." Ye Chen\'s face darkened.

"Do you lack snow magnolia flowers?" Xiong\'er blinked.

Ye Chen\'s eyebrows wrinkled when he heard such a question.

He looked down upon the shrewd fatty boy, who knew Ye Chen had the true fire and refined the jade spirit liquid but what he lacked was the snow magnolia flower during the refinement process.

"The sect elder guarding the spiritual herbs garden is my little uncle." When Ye Chen heard the reply, his eyes sparkled.