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You have the true fire?

Ye Chen frowned at the question.

He always concealed the true fire, his biggest secret, which even the chief masters of the three main peaks and Zhou Dafu did not see through. How could the stout boy in front of him discovered?

Ye Chen was shocked.

"You have the true fire, don\'t you?" The fat boy grasped Ye Chen\'s arms with his chubby hands and lowered his voice, in case the Immortal Huangshi outside heard their conversation.

"How precious the true fire is! I\'m just an intern disciple. How can I have it?" Albeit startled, Ye Chen smiled.

"Don\'t lie to me. I have already smelled its scent."

"You are wrong."

"You don\'t have, do you? Alright, I\'ll ask someone to check you." The boy twisted around and took a deep breath, shouting at the entrance, "Old man, this guy has the true…Uh…Uh…"

Before the boy spoke out \'fire\', Ye Chen hurried to cover his mouth. His secret would be unveiled if the Immortal Huangshi came to check him.

"Damn it. You\'re so tricky." Frightened, Ye Chen found that wicked ideas stuffed the plump boy.

"See? I say you have!" The boy got rid of Ye Chen\'s hands, rubbed his flabby hands and blinked.

"I surrender." Inhaling, Ye Chen held back his desire to beat the fat boy at once.

"What are you shouting for?" The Immortal Huangshi came to them while cursing. He glared at the boy and hissed at him, "Why did you yell?"

"I practiced singing." The fat boy picked his nose, but did not reveal anything about Ye Chen\'s true fire.

"Be quiet." The Immortal Huangshi left unhappily.

He spun around to the boy after taking a few paces, "Just now you said he had the ture…what?"

The boy rolled his eyes and answered, "True…true energy."

Ye Chen nearly laughed out when he heard this reply.

"Screw you!" The Immortal Huangshi slapped the boy\'s face hard, cursing, "What\'s there to be surprised at? Everybody in the Hengyue Sect has spiritual energy. "

The Immortal Huangshi damned the boy, turned around and left.

Afterwards, the boy stood up from floor. A palm print could be clearly seen on his round face.

"Crazy old man, wait for me." Covering his face, he kept cursing.

Beside the boy stood Ye Chen, who cast a look at him and intended to go away.

"You can\'t leave." The boy seized Ye Chen.

"What\'s up?"

The fat boy responded immediately, "Can I borrow your true fire to refine a treasure?"

"I don\'t have time."

"Old man, this guy…"

"Alright, I\'ll refine it for you." Ye Chen controlled his temper.

They came to the mountains behind the sect one after another.

Usually a great deal of disciples came here for spiritual herbs constantly. But today all of them went to the Wind and Cloud Podium to watch the fight among three main peaks instead of coming here.

"I can help you refine the treasure, but you must promise me to keep my secret."

Ye Chen always emphasized this point all the way.

"Don\'t worry, your secret is safe with me. Ha…ha…hah." The boy patted his chest.

"One more thing, I can\'t refine for free. I charge you five hundred spirit stones. Otherwise, I can\'t help you."

"Deal!" The plump boy readily agreed. Ye Chen was curious about the treasure he was about to refine. It must be rare because the boy answered without hesitation.

The fat boy took out his treasure after finding a hidden cave.

It was a black mace, impressing people that it was heavy. The mace must be a powerful weapon.

"Look, a trace of black energy above it." The boy moved closer to the mace and pointed the trace of black energy lingering around it.

Ye Chen took a closer look, and found the black energy as thin as hair. He might not discover it if not staring at it. The black energy sent out coldness and bloody smell.