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Soon, groups of three to five disciples flocked to the podium.

For the onlookers, the fight among the disciples from the three main peaks outweighed Ye Chen\'s recovery.

No matter how intense the fight was, Ye Chen did not stop.

The Book Pavilion was open to the intern disciples. He did not want to waste time on watching the fight.

Ye Chen stopped in front of a majestic pavilion.

The Book Pavilion was not so busy as usual. No one came here today, maybe they all went to the podium to watch the battle.

"Nobody is here. How tranquil it is! Perfect!"

Smiling, Ye Chen stepped into the pavilion.

It was spacious inside, with a hundred thousand ancient volumes lying on the bookshelves. Sought by the sect from everywhere, even the volumes on the first floor of the shelf were precious.

The guard of the pavilion was an old man with white moustache and uncombed hair, named Immortal Huangshi.

"Sect elder." Ye Chen bowed respectfully to him.

"Before go inside, give your ID card to me." The Immortal Huangshi looked Ye Chen up and down and revealed his yellow teeth while speaking.

Ye Chen presented his card and paced inside.

He picked one ancient volume from the shelf and found it about spiritual herbs.

Ye Chen shook head and put it back.

Enjoying the quietness in the pavilion, he chose the volumes like buying vegetables, picked them up and placed it back.

Three hours later, he did not find one about mystical or martial arts.

Ye Chen whispered, "Those volumes about mystical and martial arts lie on the upper floors."

The intern disciples from the Hengyue sect only accessed to the first floor of the Book Pavilion.

Disappointed, Ye Chen took one volume and began to read.

"Immortal Huangshi, have you missed me?" Someone arrived at the entrance of the pavilion and his voice interrupted its tranquility.

"Brat, if you steal things again, I\'ll beat you!" The Immortal Huangshi abused.

"Come on, am I that kind of person?"

"Get hell out of here."

After their simple conversation, Ye Chen, who was scanning one ancient volume saw the coming person.

His mouth twitched suddenly. Ye Chen could not help cursing, "Gosh, what does he eat in his boyhood?"

It was natural for Ye Chen to be amazed at the boy\'s appearance.

He was a teenager about thirteen to fourteen years old. Shorter than Hu Wa, the boy was overweight. His flesh swayed when he walked and looked like a pile of meat from afar.

Ye Chen never saw someone dressed in such a bizarre fashion.

The fat boy wore a vent and a short, with a bare chest and small eyes could hardly be seen, just like a mini Buddha.

"There is such a talent in the Hengyue Sect." Ye Chen drew a long sigh.

Meanwhile the fat boy walked towards Ye Chen.

The boy looked Ye Chen up and down when he passed by. Albeit small, his eyes were concentrated and sparkling.

"I never saw you?" The boy stroked his flabby chin.

"I\'m new here."


The plump boy responded and left.

He returned after taking two steps. The boy wrinkled up his nose and sniffed like a dog.

He smelled the scent from Ye Chen soon.

"True fire?" He raised his head and stared at Ye Chen with a pair of twinkling eyes.

"You have the true fire?"