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It soon dawned.

Ye Chen did not rest but made a breakfast for Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa.

The door opened. Zhang Fengnian walked out with a walking stick in hand and trembled. He smiled to Ye Chen, "Boy, you woke up so early."

"I couldn\'t feel asleep and got up." Ye Chen grinned.

"I rarely see a diligent person like you."

"Thank you, for your praise."

"Grandpa." Hu Wa rushed out and interrupted their conversation.

In confusion, he went to Zhang Fengnian and Ye Chen and pointed at the spiritual energy revolving around him, "What\'s wrong with me? Something seems to surge in my body. I feel warm."

"Spiritual energy?" Zhang Fengnian was astounded to see Hu Wa and hurried to check his body.

"What\'s the matter?" Surprise glinted in Zhang Fengnian\'s eyes.

"I…I can practice martial and mystical arts?" Hu Wa raised his head and looked at Ye Chen and his grandpa.

"Yes! Of course, you can." Zhang Fengnian was more excited beyond his imagination.

"You are a cultivator from today on." Ye Chen patted Hu Wa\'s shoulder.

"I\'m a cultivator! I\'m a cultivator!" Thrilled, Hu Wa jumped like an innocent child in the little spiritual garden. He ran to the little eagle and danced with joy before it, "Little eagle, I can practice martial and mystical arts. I can protect you in the future."

Gua! Gua!

The spiritual beast twittered happily as if understanding Hu Wa\'s words.

"God bless!"When Zhang Fengnian watched Hu Wa bouncing happily, color returned to Zhang\'s face. Zhang Fengnian looked much younger than before.

Ye Chen looked at Hu Wa silently.

He was happy for Hu Wa, but inner conflict germinated in mind.

Was that really good for Hu Wa?

What a cultivator experienced was much tougher than that of a commoner. A cultivator led a longer life than an ordinary person did, but loneliness accompanied him.

Cultivators faced a crueler world.

Ye Chen made an arbitrary decision and changed Hu Wa\'s life. He did not know it was right or wrong. Hu Wa might realize that a commoner could live a easier life than a cultivator did while tasting the bitterness on his way to cultivation.

Ye Chen left the little spiritual garden after a simple breakfast.

He did not put on his black robe today.

Ye Chen did not need to conceal his recovery. Now the disciples from the three main peaks fought fiercely, and could hardly focus on Ye Chen, who emerged on the Spiritual Mountains as usual.

His appearance, however, captured many eyes.

"Oh gosh." All the disciples were startled at their sights of Ye Chen.

"He was lashed by the fire whip for over a hundred times. He…he recovered so soon?"

"Is he a demon?"

"All his scars vanished in a few days."

"What?" When hearing of Ye Chen\'s recuperation, Yin Zhiping from the Regulation Hall stood up abruptly and could not squash his surprise.

Not only Yin Zhiping, but also the disciples and sect elders from the three main peaks and other outer schools from the sect were astonished when news spread to their ears. Since the establishment of the sect, nobody was able to recover in several days after being flogged by the fire whip.

"Come on, the disciples from the Tianyang and Renyang Peaks combat on the Wind and Cloud Podium again."

"I hear that the disciples from Diyang Peak also take part in."

"Some disciples at the human core stage also participate this time."