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Still awake, the little eagle fluttered its wings and walked towards Ye Chen, with its little furry head rubbing Ye Chen\'s body.

It would take the eagle at least half a month to recover fully and fly again.

"Are you hungry?" Ye Chen patted the eagle\'s head.



With a high spiritual intelligence, the little eagle seemed to understand Ye Chen\'s words and nodded.

Smiling, Ye Chen fished out a big piece of meat from his storage bag and passed it to the eagle.

Blinking, it enjoyed the meat.

"Let me help you to recover." Stroking the eagle\'s head again, Ye Chen transfused a bottle of jade spirit liquid into the bird\'s body.

Afterwards, as warmth spread all over the eagle, enormous strength supported its body. With fear gleaming in its eyes, the bird looked up at Ye Chen, afraid that its body would explode.

"Don\'t worry. I am here." Chuckling, Ye Chen showed his true fire.

The little eagle was frightened to see the flame. Trembling, it seemed to know the power of the true fire in Ye Chen\'s hand.

"Don\' be afraid." With Ye Chen\'s help, the true fire enwrapped the eagle\'s body, rushed inside and refined the jade spirit liquid.

Gua! Gua!

Without burning pain, the bird felt warm and stopped quivering. The tremendous spiritual energy of the refined jade spirit liquid healed its wounds.

After less than one quarter, the eagle flapped its wings and could almost fly in the air.

Gua! Gua!

It was joyous to fly again. Reluctant to land, the bird fluttered in the air for a while. Maybe exhausted, it fell asleep very soon.

"Have a sound sleep! Everything will be better tomorrow." Tapping the head of the eagle, Ye Chen grinned, turned around and stepped into Hu Wa\'s room.

Hu Wa, the simple and honest boy was in deep sleep and unaware of Ye Chen\'s arrival.

Coming to Hu Wa\'s bed, Ye Chen checked his body.

He found that Hu Wa\'s spiritual orifices blocked in nature. Besides, his major meridians were not opened up yet, let alone the elixir field. He doomed to be a commoner without a miraculous encounter.

Usually men could open up their orifices, the door to elixir field as long as their meridians were unobstructed. When their orifices and elixir fields ran well, men could absorb the vital energy of the heavens and the earth and became real cultivators.

If someone\'s meridians were blocked in nature, he must have them opened up.

Ye Chen contemplated and infused a trace of true fire into Hu Wa\'s body.

Indeed, he wanted to refine Hu Wa\'s body and opened up his meridians, orifices and elixir field.

Soon, Hu Wa looked miserable. He wanted to wake up, but Ye Chen\'s vertigo powder made him asleep again.

Controlling the true fire, Ye Chen refined Hu Wa\'s body carefully, afraid of hurting him.

Not long after, Ye Chen sweated all over his body.

His efforts yielded fruits. Hu Wa\'s meridians became resilient after refinement. A trace of true energy from Ye Chen opened up the obstructed meridians.

It was a time-consuming process.

Before dawn, Ye Chen opened up all of Hu Wa\'s meridians. After the refinement of true fire, the impurities of Hu Wa spilled from his pores. Hu Wa showed a cozy smile in dream.


Exhaling turbid air, Ye Chen relaxed his intense body.

"Next, I will open up your orifices." Ye Chen grinned. His goal was half done.

"It will be a little painful. Hold on." Ye Chen rested for a while and poured his vital energy into Hu Wa\'s body again. The energy rushed to the barriers of the elixir field through his meridians.


A torturous look etched across Hu Wa\'s face at the first time.

Ye Chen did it again.

Step by step, he had to be scrupulous in case of ending Hu Wa\'s life.

Like a sharp sword, the vital energy lunged inside Hu Wa\'s body. The impact strengthened and sweat concentrated on Hu Wa\'s face. Pallid Hu Wa could have woken up in this painful process without the vertigo powder.

"Insist on. Your fate may be altered." Ye Chen tried to break the barrier by his spiritual energy.

The sun almost rose. Pale-faced, Ye Chen could not hold on any longer.


As the sound arose inside Hu Wa\'s body, Ye Chen finally opened up the orifice connecting elixir field.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth ran towards Hu Wa and formed a spiritual energy whirlpool. It seemed to regard Hu Wa\'s pores as vents, rushing into his body.

"My efforts are rewarded." Ye Chen breathed out some turbid air and wiped out his cold sweat.