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Ye Chen locked himself in the room after returning to the little spiritual garden.

Preparing to make the breakthrough of the fifth level of the Qi condensation stage, he bought a lot of magnolia flowers this time and decided to refine all of them into the jade spirit liquid.

Ye Chen showed his true fire and cast the spiritual herbs into it.

The refinement lasted until night fell. He continued working after draining one bottle of the jade spirit liquid.

It soon dawned.

Today, the Hengyue Sect was buzzing, to be more precisely, the mountains behind the sect were bustling.

Zhong Laodao and the Immortal Qingyang were angry that a great deal of disciples from both the Tianyang Peak and Rengyang Peak were knocked down and fainted. The two chief masters ordered their disciples to beware of those from the other two peaks, allowing them to retaliate.

As Ye Chen expected, the mountains behind the sect became the battle field for the three main peaks.

Under such a circumstance, any disciple going for spirit herbs must take a black iron bar in his chest.

If you hit me, I would batter you at any cost.

The notion was popular among the disciples who were once knocked.

The victims hit anyone they met and gave a full vent to the rage surging in their chests.



From sunrise to sunset, shrill cries sounded in the mountains behind the sect, confusing other disciples and sect elders.

"The three main peaks are going to overturn the heavens!"

"We can\'t go to the mountains behind the sect anytime we wish as usual. Who knows when we will be knocked."

"I don\'t care whom the victim is, as long as I will not be battered."

After a whole day, most of the disciples having been to the mountains left with hands covering the back of their heads. Some were black and blue and the others covered with footprints and bruises all over their bodies.

The secretive competition became increasingly piercing.

Covert fights gradually turned into public ones. Battle ground transferred from the mountains behind the sect to the Wind and Cloud Podium.

"Kong Le from Tianyang Peak get the hell out! I am waiting for you at the Wind and Cloud Podium."

In the early morning, the challenge of a disciple from Diyang Peak seemed cause a circular response, with battle invitations ensuing.

"Yue Kang from Renyang Peak, I am waiting for you at the Wind and Cloud Podium."

"Damn it, Zhao Long from Diyang Peak, let\'s have a duel!"

"Don\'t stab others behind backs. Come to the podium and have a fight if you dare."

With personal grudges among the disciples from the three main peaks, Ye Chen\'s ambush became the catalyst of their competitions. From morning to evening, the Wind and Cloud Podium was busy with the disciples\' challenges, living up to its reputation.

"The scene has been rarely seen since the establishment of the Hengyue Sect."

"Why do the three main peaks contend?"

"Their enmities towards each other endure for a long time. They will fight sooner or later even without the incident."

Ye Chen, the culprit, concentrated in refining the jade spirit liquid in the little spiritual garden..

The refreshing medicine aroma brimmed the garden.

"It is so fragrant!" Standing outside Ye Chen\'s room, Hu Wa breathed in the aroma overbrimming the room with a pair of sparkling eyes.

"The jade spirit liquid." As the previous sect elder from the Hengyue Sect, Zhang Fengnian was familiar with it.

The liquid was cool but the scent floating from Ye Chen\'s room was warm. Stunned, Zhang Fengnian stroked his beard and judged that the spirit liquid in Ye Chen\'s room was refined just now.

The door of Ye Chen\'s room was pushed open at midnight.

Slovenly, Ye Chen walked outside with unkempt hair, a weary look and beard around his mouth.

As Ye Chen stretched himself, cracks sounded inside his body.

He refined hundreds of bottles of the jade spirit liquid over two days and three nights. His control of the true fire and refinement skills became more and more adept.