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"Let\'s leave here!" As Zhao Long waved his hand, the disciples from the Diyang Peak retreated from the mountains behind the sect.

Ye Chen jumped out of the grass after they left.

"They caused a big trouble this time." He kneaded the place between his eyebrows.

Putting on the black robe, he slipped away from the mountains. It was a dangerous place and he could not stay there any longer.

He was sure that the mountains behind the Hengyue Sect would be intranquil in the following days.

The disciples from the Diyang Peak reckoned that those from the Renyang and Tianyang Peaks stabbed behind their backs.

The disciples from the Renyang Peak thought that people of the Tianyang Peak devised this scheme.

The disciples from the Tianyang Peak blamed everything to the Renyang Peak.

Restraining each other, the three main peaks of the outer school of the Hengyue Sect always contended overtly and covertly and doubted each other.

No matter who was the initiator of the incident, it was hard to find the true culprit.


Messaging his temple, Ye Chen sighed, "I committed crimes. "

The image that any disciple from the three main peaks would take a black iron stick with him when going to the mountains behind the sect for spirit herbs came across Ye Chen\'s mind.

He left the mountains for the Treasure Pavilion directly.

Upon Ye Chen\'s arrival, Pang Dahai, who was reading ancient volumes behind the counter, raised his head and glanced at him, murmuring, "Boy, why do you wear a black robe in the daytime?"


Tittering, Ye Chen wanted to conceal his recovery from others and wore the black robe. However, Pang Dahai read Ye Chen\'s mind.

"Boy, how resilient you are. After being lashed by the fire whip for more than a hundred times, you can get off bed and walk so soon!" Putting down the ancient volume, Pang Dahai looked up and down with his sparkling eyes, seeking some hints to penetrate Ye Chen\'s secret.

"Sect elder, you know that I was whipped?"

"Of course I do. The news spread to all the outer schools."

Hearing the answer, Ye Chen coughed and passed him a storage bag, "Sect elder, I want snow magnolia flowers."

Taking the bag, Pang Dahai cast a look inside and found six thousand spirit stones there in astonishment. How strange it was that an intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage had so many spirit stones.

"Where did you get these spirit stones?" Pang Dahai did not used to finding an answer to his curiosity, but he did not hold back his doubt this time.

"I picked them by chance."

"There are many spirit stones inside. You picked them all by chance?"

"I am just lucky." Touching his nose tip, Ye Chen answered.

"Tell me where you found the spirit stones. I will go there one day and look for some." Glimpsing at Ye Chen, Pang Dahai shut up. He fished out a storage bag from his chest and gave it to Ye.

Taking the storage bag, Ye Chen thrust it into his chest. He did not leave but stared at Pang Dahai, asking, "Sect elder, is the Books Pavilion in our sect open to intern disciples?"

"It is open to intern disciples only on the last day of each month."

"I can go there in three days." Whispering, Ye Chen twisted around and paced out of the Treasure Pavilion.

After Ye Chen left, Pang Dahai stroked his beard with a deep look. "What a freak the boy is!"