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"You are such a rascal!" Pointing at Zhang Tao with trembling fingers, Zhang Fengnian was so angry that he almost fainted on the ground.

"Hand it to me. Otherwise, do not blame me for being harsh…" Zhang Tao walked one step closer, without finishing his speech he was slapped on head by Ye Chen who stood nearby.


The clap sounded clear and loud.

Zhang Tao was beaten dumbstruck, and his arm was dragged by Ye Chen forcibly before he found what happened to himself. He lost balance subsequently, left the ground and floated in the air.


The imperious Zhang Tao dropped on the ground harshly, leaving a pit of human shape.


Zhang Tao spitted out blood, and the internal organs of his body were displaced.

Zhang Fengnin was astonished when seeing the scene. Hu Wa swallowed a mouthful of slaver after watching Ye Chen\'s conquering Zhang Tao. Ye Chen beat Zhang Tao, a cultivator of the second level in Qi condensation stage.

Honestly Ye Chen won by his ambush, but his energy force was tremendous.

How could they know the elixir sea had formed in Ye Chen\'s body?

Although Ye Chen\'s cultivation rank was the first level, but the amount of his energy was their triple and could be counted as the third level of Qi condensation.

"God is watching what you have done, and accumulate more hidden virtue for yourself."

With Ye Chen\'s loud curse, Zhang Tao was mutilated and thrown out of the garden by him.

At night, Ye Chen transfused vital energy to the little eagle and kept its life. But it was difficult for the loyal bird to fly any more in the following days.

"Little friend, thanks for your help!" Zhang Fengnian sat on a stone stair, and looked much older than before. For a kind old man like him, being oppressed by his own disciple hurt him a lot.

"You are welcome. It does not cost me too much to do so." Smiling Ye Chen answered it in a free and easy manner.


With a reminiscent look in his cloudy eyes, Zhang Fengnian recalled his sorrowful past, and said, "I was one of the Hengyue Sect Elders, and degraded to the little spiritual garden since I made a big mistake. Zhang Tao was my disciple. It was my fault that I did not teach him well."

"One\'s achievement depends upon his own virtue not his tutor." Ye Chen placated Zhang Fengnian, "Sir, do not blame yourself, he is born like this."

"He wants grandpa\'s Spell of Heavens Spirit." Hu Wa was in rage with his little fists clenched. "Grandpa\'s belongings have been snatched by him these years. He bullies us every day."

Spell of Heavens Spirit?

The spell owned by Hengyue Sect was not new to Ye Chen. People\'s vital energy would be sealed in a short time once the spell was pasted on their bodies. Besides, it was well known among the three sects.

The spell was precious and never passed to irrelevant people. Beyond Ye Chen\'s expectation, Zhang Fengnain at the third level of Qi condensation owned such a valuable spell.

"Little friend, I have finished the recommendation letter. You just go to the mountain for cultivation. You are ingenious, please exploit your talent." Zhang Fengnian thrust a letter into Ye Chen\'s hand while ruminating.

"Thanks for your help!"