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The next day, Ye Chen climbed up to the Spiritual Mountain of the sect before sunrise.

He came there directly like the first time. With unkempt hair, Ye Chen changed shabby clothes, applied mud to his face and dodged in exuberant grasses.

"This will be the last time I knock down the disciples from Diyang Peak." Staring at the disciples passing by, he made a decision.

In Ye Chen\'s opinion, he was meticulous and his plan carefully devised.

Wall had ears. Some unexpected flaws might bring death to him. It would be better for him to seize a chance and end on a good note.

As the sun rose, more disciples flocked to the mountains behind the sect.

However, Ye Chen found it strange that the disciples from Diyang Peak coming for spirit herbs were not alone. Three people or five made a group.

"They pick spirit herbs in team?" Ye Chen grinned coldly in the grasses.

It seemed that the disciples from Diyang Peak learned a lesson. Afraid of being beaten behind their backs, they came to collect spirit herbs in groups.

Figuring out this point, Ye Chen hesitated.

Ye Chen was confident that he could defeat the disciples from Diyang Peak by his current cultivation base, no matter they were alone or in groups.

But he was not in the valley now. If Ye Chen could not beat them down at once, he would bring about a trouble or even attract more people to surround him. That might be the most terrible thing.


A familiar shadow approached Ye Chen from afar while he hesitated.

With red eyes and sullen face, the person looked scary as if everyone owed eight hundred spirit stones to him. Taking a close look, Ye Chen found him Zhao Long.

"How bold he is! He dares to come out alone!" Smiling sarcastically in the grass, Ye Chen took out the black iron stick from his storage bag.

While intending to move, he was stunned to see that Zhao Long also fetched out a black iron stick from his storage bag.

Ye Chen planted his feet to the ground and retreated.

His looks chased Zhao Long, who with an iron bar in hand lunged towards a disciple from the Tianyang Peak and hit the disciple\'s head back. The disciple fell down on the ground at once.

"What\'s wrong?" Ye Chen was astounded.

"The Tianyang Peak plotted against the Diyang Peak. You deserve this punishment." Entranced, Ye Chen found that Zhao Long put all his weight on the bar and battered the disciple who passed out.

Ye Chen twitched his mouth.

It could be judged that Ge Hong ascribed the faults to the Tianyang Peak.

Witnessing what happened just now, Ye Chen rubbed his forehead in the grass.

Everything went beyond his expectation. His target was the Diyang Peak, which blamed the responsibilities on the Tianyang Peak.

Ye Chen\'s facial expression changed immediately, he understood why the disciples from the Diyang Peak came to the mountains behind the sect. They did not come for spirit herbs but to beat the disciples from other two peaks.


A shriek came from the northeast.


Another one was heard in the northwest.


A screech sounded in the southeast.


One shrill cry ensued in the southwest.

In a short time, with black iron bars in hands, disciples from the Diyang Peak all gathered here from all directions in noises.

"I knocked down two disciples from the Tianyang Peak."

"I beat three disciples from the Renyang Peak."

"I battered one disciple from the Tianyang Peak and two from the Rengyang Peak."

The disciples from the Diyang Peak all reported their number of the disciples they knocked down. Some were in resentment, some rapture and the others excitement.