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Gulping down a bottle of jade spirit liquid, Ye Chen fueled his body and began to fuse the essence.

He tossed the extraction of the spirit tools into the burning stove again.

Under Ye Chen\'s control, the miscellaneous solidified essence melted into liquid in the true fire and integrated. It was easy to achieve this goal and Ye Chen spent less than one hour to do this.

After the fusion, a piece of brick-sized crimson iron was in his hand now, containing the extraction of various spirit tools.

As a superior material to refine weapons, the shiny and tough iron absorbed the essence of a great deal of spirit tools. Any weapons made of it would surely outdo others.

He would make big noises in the refinement, but did not want to disturb Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa. Collecting the crimson iron, Ye Chen slipped out of the room and left the little spiritual garden.

He gathered his true fire and transformed it into a stove again after finding a secret place.

Ye Chen dropped the iron into the fire.

Taking a deep breath, he controlled the fire scrupulously, kept refining the iron and shaped it into a sword.

It was a time-consumed process. Six shichens later, Ye Chen acquired a crude sword in embryo with a rough body.

"Anyhow, the sword comes into being." Wiping his sweat, Ye Chen continued the refinement with patience. The clangs rose and fell.

It was a long process.

From day to night, and from night to day, Ye Chen kept working for three days.

He refined the crude sword in embryo inch by inch and the rough sword body also smoothed. Like a sculptor, Ye Chen could not tolerate any flaw of his sword.


As the first buzz of the sword sounded, exhausted Ye Chen smiled with relief.

Four days later, his sword went through the refinement.

As Ye Chen slapped the stove, a long crimson sword jumped out of it and flew into Ye Chen\'s hand.

He sliced through his palm by the sword, with blood tumbling down along the sword handle and spreading all over the sword.

Nurturing the sword with blood was the last step of weapon refinement.

Soon, his blood infused into the crimson sword at a fast pace.


Subsequently, the sword vibrated and buzzed. As a beam of red light flashed, the sharp blade shone in moon and star lights as if showing its indestructibility.

Ye Chen cut a rock with the sword.


The sword ripped a huge rock nearby like cutting a piece of tofu. How pointed it was!

"I name you Crimson Cloud." Tapping the crimson sword, Ye Chen could not take his hands off it. It was more than the fruit of his painstaking labor in these days, but the first weapon he refined and worth memorizing.

Holding the Tianque Sword and Crimson Cloud Sword, Ye Chen lay on a huge rock cozily.

"Tomorrow, I will go on knocking down the disciples from Diyang Peak." Laughing, Ye Chen looked up at the majestic Diyang Peak of the Spirit Mountains in the Hengyue Sect.

"You guys plotted against me. I will ask you to pay for what you have done." Ye Chen grinned coldly.

Five days had passed since Ye Chen battered the disciples with the iron stick in the mountains behind the Hengyue Sect last time. He was certain that Ge Hong had relaxed vigilance. It was time for him to show up again.