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"The Weapon Refinement Knack." Stroking his chin, Ye Chen went on reading.

Soon, happiness came across his face.

The ancient volume recorded the methods of making and refining weapons as well as the needed materials.

"What a treasure the volume is!" Ye Chen could not hold back cheering.

Contemplating for a while, Ye Chen almost scanned all the contents and came up with an idea, that was to refine a weapon by himself.

He got used to Tianque sword during fights. But its weight would reduce the speed of his movement. A much lighter and sharper weapon would accelerate his speed and make him act like a winged tiger.

Taking the ancient volume, Ye Chen delved into it.

He sat there and read for a whole night.

In the early morning, Ye Chen continued reading the volume in a closed room after a simple breakfast.

At noon, he finished reading.

"Fire is indispensable in weapon refinement. The volume is tailored for me." Smiling, Ye Chen said to himself that what a pity that without true fire Wang Heng could not do anything even though knowing the weapon refinement skills.

Patting the storage bags, Ye Chen heard clatters inside. Numerous glistening spirit tools flew out, from spirit swords, sabers, spears to big hammers, which were robbed from the disciples from Diyang Peak.

Now, he needed to melt the spirit tools in a stove and extract their essence.

Ye Chen took action at once.

He summoned the true fire.

It transformed into a stove according to Ye Chen\'s guide.

Plunging a shiny spirit sword into the stove, Ye Chen controlled the flame carefully, removed the impurities of the sword and refined its essence.

In a short time, the spirit sword melted in the scorching true fire and turned into a drop of palm-sized liquid.

After the refinement in the true fire, the impurities of the inferior refinement materials emerged. The drop of palm-sized liquid was turbid and the spirit sword could not be counted as a good one.

As the fire burned more vigorously, Ye Chen slowly eliminated the impurities from the liquid.

Half an hour later, the drop of liquid shrank to the size of a nail after refinement. Albeit small, it was the quintessential part.

The drop of liquid quaked and flew out according to Ye Chen\'s guide.

As temperature plummeted, the drop of nail-sized liquid retuned to solid state after leaving the stove. Ye Chen grasped it, which looked like a piece of hard and glimmering crystal.

With a good beginning, Ye Chen worked harder.

He threw an iron hammer into the blazing stove fire and repeated the previous refinement procedures.

Time flew and night fell.

Over the time, Ye Chen failed several times due to the bad control of the true fire. As a result, the essence contained in the spirit tools burned into ashes.

But his efforts yielded other rewards.

Crystal pieces of all sizes stayed beside him, which were the extraction from the spirit tools.

Ye Chen abstracted all the spirit essence until midnight.


"I have accomplished the first step."

Exhaling a mouthful of turbid air, he looked tired. After one day and one night, moustache showed up around his mouth corner and his eyes were bloodshot.

Next, he was about to merge the essence of the spirit tools, which he abstracted just now. Only when Ye Chen refined the extraction with true fire, did he finish the entire process.