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"They are inferior to Qi Hao. I can beat them down." As Wang Heng and Song Yu stepped closer to Ye Chen, he took out two poison-tipped needles.

It was impossible for Ye Chen to defeat them without reveling his identity since their cultivation bases were higher than his. So he had to resort to some tricks, not to hurt them but rob their belongings.

Planning in mind, Ye Chen plunged one smoke bomb towards them.

"Watch out!" Alert, Wang Heng and Song Yu showed spiritual swords when seeing unidentified objects flying to them.


The bomb exploded and thick smoke spread again.

"Who is it?" Strong Wang Heng was enraged at once.


As a tiny toxic needle whistled in and pierced the air, it stuck into Wang Heng\'s arm. But he did not feel anything.

Another poisonous needle stabbed in Song Yu\'s back and he did not feel anything wrong, either. Back to back, the two ran their vital energy and crazily dispelled the mist before their eyes.

Soon, they found something wrong.

"Senior brother Wang, do you feel dizzy?" Song Yu wobbled.

"Yes, a little bit." Swaying his head, Wang Heng felt limp and could not exert any spiritual energy or strength.

"The crooked old man\'s poison-tipped needles are so powerful." Staring at Wang Heng and Song Yu, Ye Chen sighed that he\'d better use less toxic needles in the future. What a waste that he used the toxic needles here.



Two disciples passed out when their backsides of heads were hit by hard objects.

"It is not me that you should blame, but your master." Dragging one leg of Wang Heng in one hand and one of Song Yu in the other, Ye Chen slipped into the forest.

What happened to the previous twenty disciples of Diyang Peak also occurred to Wang Heng and Song Yu. All of their valuable belongings were taken away by Ye Chen.

He detoxified Wang Heng and Song Yu before disappearing in the darkness.



Not long after, roars broke the silence in the dark forest.

The disciples who passed out just now all woke up and cursed loudly in rage when they found that their storage bags, precious things and even clothes were all gone.

At night, a flock of disciples from Diyang Peak wobbled up the Spiritual Mountains of the Hengyue Sect.

"What\'s wrong?" Other disciples of the sect twitched their mouths, when they saw the embarrassed flock.

Everyone would be startled to see this scene. With only underwear on their bodies, those disciples from Diyang Peak were nearly naked, capturing everybody\'s attention.

What mattered most was the number of the disciples, over twenty! And they highlighted the night.

"Were all of them robbed?" The onlookers were in such a doubt.

"It is unbelievable!"

"How wicked the robber was! He even took away their clothes."

"Who did this?" Ge Hong growled at the disciples hysterically upon their arrival at Diyang Peak.

Ye Chen, the culprit was counting how many trophies he got in the little spiritual garden.

The fortune he gained today was three times more than that he acquired yesterday. Wang Heng and Song Yu\'s storage bags explained a great part of Ye Chen\'s trophies. The properties of the cultivatiors at the Qi condensation stage were much less than that of those at the human core stage.

Candle fire flickered in the room.

Ye Chen put spirit stones, spirit liquid and spirit weapons into his storage bag, but left an ancient volume in his hand.

Dilapidated, the paper of the ancient volume yellowed with age.

"Weapon Refinement Knack."