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Exactly, what Ye Chen threw out was the smoke bomb, which he stole from the crooked old man.

He did not intend to use it. Given eight disciples, Ye Chen decided to blur their sights by virtue of the smoke bomb in case any accident happened.

"Who is it? Come out!" A growl came out from the black mist.


Ye Chen\'s iron stick knocked on the back of one disciple\'s head immediately.


Screeching, one of the eight fell on the ground.

The disciple in purple counterattacked at once, lifting his palm and plunging it towards the direction of the shriek.


However, he did not batter Ye Chen, but knocked away one of his companions.

At this moment, Ye Chen already stood behind his back and pounded the back of his head with the iron stick.

At the peak of the sixth level of Qi condensation stage, he did not faint by this stick.

Ye Chen had to hit him one more time.

Stumbling, the disciple in purple slumped with his face hitting the ground.


He fell down and screamed. But Ye Chen battered him once more.

Screeches rose and fell in the valley subsequently.

Ye Chen ambushed in the black mist and seldom failed. He punched the disciple at the seventh level of Qi condensation stage by one fist, the disciple staggered. Ye Chen knocked him with the iron stick at once and the disciple passed out immediately.

Having made the breakthrough of the fourth level of Qi condensation stage, Ye Chen was confident to challenge all the eight disciples. But he made up his mind to attack them secretively in case of some troubles.


As the last shriek sounded, the eight disciples from Diyang Peak all collapsed on the ground.

Ye Chen left from the thick and black mist caused by the smoke bomb, with eight storage bags in one hand. He held an iron chain, at whose end the eight disciples were bound.

Throwing them into the forest behind the valley, Ye Chen blew some vertigo powder to each one and made sure that all of the disciples were asleep; otherwise they might wake up and interrupt his plan.

Then he returned to the valley and prepared to attack another group of disciples from Diyang Peak.

In the morning, the disciples from the Hengyue Sect came to the valley incessantly.

Over the time, Ye Chen hit some disciples but they were small potatoes. He charged towards them and battered them with his iron stick. They fell down on the ground in one hit and the smoke bomb was saved.

Ye Chen knocked more than twenty disciples in the whole day and also gained some wealth, which he could squander for a few days.

It turned to be dusky now.

Ye Chen looked up at the sunset and decided to go back.

Standing up, he sensed the vibration of vital energy from the other end of the valley. Two dim shadows crossed the valley from the demonic beast forest and approached him.

"Two disciples at the human core stage." Sliding back, Ye Chen said to himself that he caught two big fish today.

He walked towards them and saw their faces clearly.

The tall man with a thick back and broad shoulders was named Wang Heng. Muscular, he was a cultivator good at applying his strength. His spiritual energy was wild and furious. The short one named Song Yu was slender with blond skin. He seemed to be feminine and might be regarded as a woman at first sight.