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Transferring his battle field, Ye Chen went to the demonic forest instead of the mountains behind the sect. Here, he wanted to wait for the disciples from Diyang Peak quietly, who went to the forest to combat the demonic beasts.

As the military tactic went, Ye Chen\'s strategy was called shooting the pigeon while killing the crow.

After the incident yesterday, Ye Chen was certain that Ge Hong would dispatch excellent disciples to hide in the mountains behind the sect and capture the attacker.

Scrupulous, Ye Chen would not throw himself into the net while knowing that a trap was set there.

So he changed the place to ambush.

Usually a great deal of disciples of Hengyue Sect came to the demonic beast forest to kill beasts, including those from Diyang Peak. Attacking in this valley must be a nice option.

"Ok, it is here." Selecting a secluded place, Ye Chen did not apply mud on his face but wore a ghost head mask.

The sun rose in a short time.

Ye Chen sat up and kept an eye on every movement in the valley.

Soon, some disciples appeared, but they were not from Diyang Peak. Ye Chen just let them go.

As time went slowly, a group of disciples passed by, one after another. Sometimes three people gathered and sometimes five disciples. All of them ran to kill the demonic beasts as a team.

Finally, the goal that Ye Chen was waiting for came.

Looking from afar, he saw a group of three, all from Diyang Peak.

"Xu Ming." Ye Chen recognized a familiar shadow from the three disciples. Exactly, it was the one who plotted against Ye Chen that day.

Although Ye Chen was aware that the real culprit was Ge Hong, who commanded Xu Ming, but it was an undisputable fact that Xu Ming beat Hu Wa.

He would not let off Xu Ming because of this.

"Boy, you need to pay for a price for what you have done." Sneering, Ye Chen collected his vital energy and waited quietly as the three men approached.

At the peak of the sixth level of Qi condensation stage, the disciple in purple robe was the one with the highest cultivation base among the three. Next to him, stood a bony disciple in green robe, whose cultivation base was a bit inferior. Xu Ming was the weakest, with the fifth level of Qi condensation stage.

"Senior brother Yang, do you think who the attacker was?" Xu Ming bowed unctuously to the leading disciple in purple.

"I suppose it may be someone from the other two peaks."

"I can\'t agree more." The disciple in green answered deeply, "The three main peaks always contend with each other overtly and covertly. It is nothing strange if disciples from the other peaks stirred up the trouble."

They walked into the valley while talking.

Now, a light flashed in Ye Chen\'s eyes. When Ye Chen was about to move, he sensed more people scuttling from the other end of the valley.

"More come, I will teach all of them a lesson." Ye Chen hid himself again.

Soon, a group of five disciples from Diyang Peak entered the valley, and the strongest one was at the seventh level of Qi condensation stage, the weakest the fourth level.


Sharp-eyed, Xu Ming found the coming people behind him his senior and junior brothers.

"Do you go to the demonic beast forest as well?" The eight disciples chatted.

"We go there to kill the bloody spider."

"Bloody spider? It is a ferocious beast. "

"We can go there together and take care of each other."

The eight walked towards the entrance of the valley.

But an egg-sized black iron ball whistled towards them from afar.

"Watch out!" Yelling, the disciple in purple unsheathed his spiritual sword from his sleeves quickly and struck the black iron ball precisely by half-moon sword blade in one twitch.


As the ball exploded suddenly, black thick mist spread and enveloped an area of almost twenty square zhangs.

"Shit! It is smoke bomb. " An abuse burst in the black mist.