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At night, a dozen of disciples were carried back to Diyang Peak.

"Who did this?" Ge Hong\'s face darkened when he saw the scene. Obviously, someone challenged the authority of Diyang Peak.

"We have no…no idea."

"All the senior brothers had been attacked when we got there." Silent, all the disciples groveled on the ground.

"Master, the one who dared to attack disciples from Diyang Peak blatantly must be Ye Chen." One disciple answered submissively.

"Are you a fool?" Staring at the disciple, Ge Hong reproached, "He was lashed by the fire whip for more than a hundred times. It is his luck if he can keep his life, let alone standing up."

"Master is right. We haven\'t seen Ye Chen today."

"Will the attacker be the disciple from Tianyang or Zhengyang Peak?"

With a sullen and scary look, Ge Hong took a deep breath, and his deep eyes glinted sharply.

"Investigate the issue and find out the culprit behind. I will make him pay for what he has done, no matter who he is."

As the initiator of the incident, Ye Chen slid back to the little spiritual garden already and took off the black robe quickly.

He devised a deliberate plan and it was hard to be spotted.

Firstly, Ye Chen climbed up the mountains behind the sect in a black robe. No one knew the one wearing a black robe was Ye Chen, which meant no one saw him. That being said, he never came to the mountains behind the sect and had the proof of absence.

Secondly, when Ye Chen knocked the disciples down with his stick, he coated his face with mud and changed his countenance. It was hard for others to discover that the attacker was him.

Thirdly, and that was the most important point. He was lashed by the fire whip yesterday for over a hundred times. Everyone thought that he might be dying or maimed, and certainly would not doubt him.

Ye Chen acted according to his plan.

It proved that he acted effectively. At least, no one suspected him until now.

It was great!

Placing a dozen of storage bags on his bed, the trophy he gained today, Ye Chen could not hold back his laughter.

The disciples from Diyang Peak were wealthy, with abundant items inside their storage bags, from spirit stones, spiritual liquid, spiritual herbs to books about Xuan skills. There were even more than two thousand spirit stones in one of the storage bags.

"Those items can assist me in achieving the breakthrough of the fourth level." Chuckling for a while, Ye Chen gulped down nearly sixty bottles of jade spirit liquid.

The liquid swept across all his meridians like spring water. Now the true fire in his elixir sea surged and helped him to refine the enormous vital energy of the spiritual liquid.

As the refined jade spirit liquid rushed into the elixir sea, Ye Chen\'s breath speeded up.

At this moment, all his pores expanded, absorbing the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth.

Thanks to the jade spirit liquid and the external vital energy refined by his powerful true fire, Ye Chen\'s cultivation base was pushed towards the stage between the third and fourth level of Qi condensation stage.


A sound came from Ye Chen\'s body.

He made a breakthrough.

Ye Chen\'s cultivation base boost to the fourth level of Qi condensation stage instantly.

He gave up absorbing the vital energy from the spirit stones. It took him some time to solidify his cultivation base while just accomplishing a breakthrough. Continuous advancement did him no good.

Now, it was a little bit dusky outside.

Jumping out of his bed, Ye Chen took on his black robe again and slipped out of the little spiritual garden.

But this time he did not go up to the spiritual mountains, but wend down along the mountains, scurried for a quarter and then stopped.

There was a short valley with a length of a few hundred zhangs, the only way to the demonic beast forest.