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It was hard to recognize Ye Chen from his appearance. People would regard him as a beggar at the first sight.

Ye Chen dodged behind exuberant grasses after preparation and collected his vital energy, so that the disciples coming to pick spiritual herbs did not find him hiding here.

"You stabbed me behind my back. It is my turn to plot against you now. " Ye Chen sneered in the grass.

He took out a black stick from his storage bag.

Ye Chen came here for one purpose: waiting here for the disciples from Diyang Peak and knocking them down in surprise just like waiting for windfalls.

Within moments, the first target showed up.

A disciple in white robe from Diyang peak, with the cultivation base at the fifth level of Qi condensation stage, came and spoke in an arrogant fashion.

"All of you go to other places to seek spiritual herbs. The spiritual grasses growing on this piece of land belong to Diyang Peak." The disciple from Diyang Peak growled at the low-cultivation-base disciples upon his arrival.

"Why do you still look at me? Are you courting death?"

"Get away as soon as possible."

Not all the disciples of Hengyue Sect\'s outer schools were tutored in the three main peaks. Some of them were discarded by their schools because of their low cultivation bases. Dreading Diyang Peak, most of the disciples dared to anger but could not speak.

Dispersing other disciples, the disciple from Diyang Peak occupied this area naturally.

Right now, Ye Chen lunged towards the disciple and arrived at his back in two to three steps.

As a gust of cold wind rushed, the disciple frowned.

"Who is it?" He spun around instinctively but was already hit by a black iron stick on the back of his head before he totally turned around.

Immediately, the disciple in white fell and fainted, with his face plunging to the ground. He did not see clearly the man attacking him at the last second.

"He is the first one." Ye Chen took away the disciple\'s storage bag and other invaluable gadgets after searching all over his body.

After taking away all the precious items, Ye Chen kicked the disciple in white robe into the thickly grown grass, left and looked for next goal.


After a while, another shriek was heard in the corner of the mountains behind the sect.

One more disciple from Diyang Peak fell on the ground. Hearing the shrill cry, people hurried there to check what had happened and twitched their mouths when they found that the disciple was with only one underwear left.

"Who did this? He was so harsh!"

"Oh my gosh, he robbed everything."

"The disciples from Diyang Peak always bully others, counting on their powerful background. They deserve this punishment."


Not long after, a screech stemming from the innermost part of the mountains attracted more disciples to surround.

As yells rose and fell, the mountains behind Hengyue Sect were intranquil this day. Each time the disciples plucking spiritual herbs heard a scream, they hastened to check what had occurred and always saw a similar scene that the one passed out was robbed and all his precious belongings were gone.

Besides, the disciples ambushed all came from Diyang Peak.

When the night fell, those disciples came to collect spiritual grasses left the mountains behind the sect and discussed the oddities there.

"The victims are all disciples from Diyang Peak. What is the matter?"

"Perhaps someone from the other two main peaks did this."

"Who knows."

"But it cannot be Ye Chen. He was lashed by the fire whip yesterday and seriously wounded. It is hard for him to stand up now."