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"Sir, you wake up." Ye Chen stopped practice, turned around and saw astounded Zhang Fengnian staring at him.

"You…" Zhang Fengnian opened his mouth but swallowed his words.

As the previous sect elder of Hengyue Sect, Zhang Fengnian knew the damaging effect the fire whip brought about. Anyone lashed by it would need three days to recuperate even with the help of spiritual medicine.

Yesterday he shouldered a wounded and bleeding boy back. Only one night passed, Ye Chen\'s injuries evaporated, and moreover he behaved as if not being flogged.

Anybody would be astonished while setting his eyes on Ye Chen.

Smiling, Ye Chen found Zhang Fengnian\'s surprise, "Sir, you saved me again."

"Your wound…"

"With thick skin, I have recovered already. "

"That is fine, as long as you are all right." Treating Ye Chen as his family, Zhang Fengnian was excited and relieved to see Ye Chen better.

"Come, I have something for you." Zhang Fengnian took out a palm-sized silk bag from his chest with his trebling hand and thrust it to Ye Chen.

Puzzled, Ye Chen took the silk bag.

After opening the bag, he found a spell carved with thickly dotted words and two big glaring characters: Heaven Spirit.

"The Spell of Heaven Spirit?" Ye Chen raised his head abruptly and stared at Zhang Fengnian.

Smiling and nodding, Zhang Fengnian knew that Ye Chen offended too many people recently and hoped the spell could protect him free from danger at risky moments.

"Sir, the gift is too precious to be accepted." Aware of the value of the spell, Ye Chen inclined to return the spell to Zhang Fengnian, but was declined by him.

"Spell of Heaven Spirit can only be activated by vital energy. It is useless for me." Zhang Fengnian sighed.

Silent, Ye Chen felt that a warm current flew through his chest.

As one of the top three spells of Hengyue Sect, the Spell of Heaven Spirit was capable of restricting the spiritual energy of any cultivator. How valuable it was! No matter what humiliation Zhang Fengnian suffered, he kept the spell all the time. But he gave it to Ye Chen today.

"Sir, thanks you for your gift!"

"Boy, try your best!" Zhang Fengnian patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder and left happily.

Afterwards, Ye Chen took out the Spell of Heaven Spirit.

With a common look, it was made of yellow paper. What mattered most were the words on the spell, complicated and hard to understand, transmitting magical power.

"The spell can seal people\'s vital energy temporarily. What a treasure it is!" Cherishing the spell so much, Ye Chen put it back into the silk bag.

After a simple breakfast, he changed some clean clothes and shouldered the heavy Tianque Sword.

"Boy, you…" Zhang Fengnian held back the words which he was about to say. With worry glinting in his cloudy eyes, he judged that Ye Chen was to climb up the mountains and revenge on the disciples who hurt him yesterday.

"Big brother, don\'t go for them." Lowering his head, Hu Wa gripped on his shirt. In his opinion, if Ye Chen went to retailiate this time, he might be injured seriously and even lost his life.

"Don\'t worry, I am all right." Ye Chen burst a free and easy smile.

He wore a black robe after leaving the little spiritual garden. Nobody could see his face clearly because he was wrapped in the robe from head to foot.

Ye Chen climbed up to the spirital mountains in one breath and then walked to the mountains behind Hengyue sect.

After finding a hidden place, Ye Chen inserted Tianque Sword into his storage bag, dug out some mud with his fingers and applied it on his face. Then he tore his clothes into pieces with unkempt hair.