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As the last whip landed on Ye Chen\'s body and resounded, the punishment was over.

"Let him down!" Yin Zhiping lost his breath and sweated all over his body.

Ye Chen was free from the shackles.

Stumbling and swaying, he steadied himself.

"May I leave now?" Raising his face, Ye Chen stared at Yin Zhiping and smiled gruffly.

"As you wish." Taking a deep breath, Yin Zhiping waved his hand.

Looking around ,Ye Chen saw a cold flash among the indifferent looks, twisted around and staggered to the outside, leaving some bloody footprints behind.

Zhang Fengnian hastened to walk to Ye Chen when seeing him out of the hall.

"Boy." Stretching his trembling hands, Zhang Fengnian wanted to hold him, but did not know which part of Ye Chen\'s body he could place hands on. Bloodlines were on Ye Chen\'s body from head to foot. Zhang Fengnian was afraid that any touch would hurt Ye Chen.

"Sir, I am thick-skinned and can\'t die easily." Ye Chen showed an easy smile, with eyes wandering, he wobbled and fell down.

With one step forward, Zhang Fengnian seized Ye Chen and put him on his crooked back.

"Boy, let\'s go home."

"Sir, you are right. I need to endure. The weak deserve to be bullied but I prefer a more arduous journey. Someday I will ask them to repay a hundred times more than today we suffer."

Ye Chen fainted.

Unconscious, Ye Chen felt Zhang Fengnian\'s bumpy back. He knew that Zhang Fengnian spared no pains in bringing him back to the little spiritual garden and wiped the bloodstain for him.

It was evening when Ye Chen woke up.

The pain seared along his body. Though Ye Chen cured the bloodlines by his vital energy, he still could not relieve the pain.

"You guys just wait for me to revenge on you." Ye Chen said gruffly.

Bearing the sharp pain, Ye Chen struggled to sit in lotus position on bed.

Soon, the clatter of his bones sounded and he practiced the skill of burning sky.

Ye Chen winced at once.

Over time, he already adapted to the great pain each time he practiced. The pain brought by the fire whip was not the equivalent of that caused by body refinement

Ye Chen ran a difficult vital energy circulation in three hours.

What astonished Ye Chen was that the burning sky skills accelerated recovery, and new flesh appeared, taking place of the rotten one during the refinement.

It was an unexpected ecstasy!

Ye Chen talked to himself that how mysterious the skills of burning sky was!

"Being beat is another way to cultivate."

Afterwards, as Ye Chen refined his body, all his pores widened and absorbed the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth. Traces of vital energy sometimes rushed into his body through his bloodlines.

After Ye Chen ran a whole circulation of burning sky, most of his wounds were healed.

"Very well." Grinning, Ye Chen continued refining without stop.

He paused until midnight.

Now, as all the scars vanished, the skin all over his body smoothened and became glossy. Ye Chen recuperated in such a short time. How amazing it was!

"The skills of burning sky is powerful!" Chuckling, Ye Chen leapt off the bamboo bed and scuttled out of the room.

He came to the garden, threw a fist, spun around and kicked.

After refining his body, Ye Chen took several bottles of the jade spirit liquid, and practiced the skills instructed in the Classic of Beast Wrestle to relax his inflexible bones.



It was strange that each time Ye Chen moved, howling of beasts could be heard, such as the roars of tigers, eagles, wolves and apes.

Ye Chen delved himself in understanding the profoundness of the classic. As he grasped the essence of the instruction, his movements advanced to a new level.

"Very good!" Giggling, Ye Chen mastered the mysteriousness of each movement, and his laughter seemed to contain the howls.

Soon, it dawned.

Lost in practicing, Ye Chen did not notice that Zhang Fengnian opened the door and walked to him.

"Boy, what are you doing?" Zhang Fengnian was astounded to see Ye Chen had recovered totally.