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Leaving the room, Ye Chen looked around and found the little garden only 20 square zhang, with a spirit tree in the middle of it.

There was an old man in the garden except Hu Wa.

Three guys sat around a small stone table, and a giant bird squatted beside them, staring at the food on the table and was eager to eat. In cultivators\' realm, the bird named as spiritual beast, was used as a tool for travelling.

After conversation, Ye Chen learned that the old gentleman who saved him last night was Zhang Fengnian. His sect destroyed his cultivation base and sent him out due to his mistake. But his house lay at the foot of the spiritual mountain of Hengyue Sect.

"Come, little eagle, this piece is for you." Hu Wa threw a piece of cured meat that he was unwilling to eat himself to the giant bird, patting the eagle\'s big head with his small hands as if the bird was his family.

Zhang Fengnian caught a glimpse of Ye Chen, and smiled to him, "Boy, I guess you are a cultivator probably."

When hearing Zhang\'s utterance, Ye Chen was gormandizing his food. He put down chopsticks and nodded with a smiling face.

"Which sect do you belong to?"

"Sir, I do not belong to any sect or school. I am only a loose cultivator."

"What a pity!" Zhang Fengnian sighed, "You should find a sect to cultivate at such a young age, since it can provide you cultivation resources. If you had had cultivated there, you could not have reached the first level of Qi condensation stage."

"Sir, you are right." Smiling, Ye Chen concealed his past. If he had a chance to cultivate, he would search for a sect again.

Zhang\'s suggestion made sense. First, being a loose cultivator was not safe. Second, it was difficult to secure cultivation resources. However, school disciples had a sect to count on, and their cultivation resources were guaranteed.

Seeing Ye Chen speculate, the benevolent old man smiled, "Boy, are you interested in being a disciple of Hengyue Sect?"

"Of course, I am." Ye Chen answered in a hurry with a smiling face.

His idea coincided with Zhang\'s. From the perspective of sect strength, Hengyue Sect was Zhengyang\'s match. Now he had no place to go, and it would be the best choice for him to stay in Hengyue Sect.

Ye Chen was highly motivated. He outperformed others when cultivating in Zhengyang Sect. With the help of true fire, he firmly believed that he would surpass other disciples in the near future.

Staring at Zhang Fengnina, Ye Chen asked, "Sir, it is not easy to be a disciple of Hengyue Sect."

"It does not matter. I will write an introduction letter. It is easy for you to be an intern disciple with my help."

"Introduction letter?"

Hearing these words, Ye Chen began to look over the old man secretively. Although Zhang was a wasted cultivator, Ye could not judge him easily on the surface.


At this moment, the door of the little spiritual garden was kicked open. A young man in white came inside.

"Whew! You guys have breakfast." The young man sneered.

"Zhang Tao, why do you come here?" Hu Wa stood up in an instant, and glared at the disciple in white Daoist robe. Zhang Fengnian looked sullen, with the giant bird next to him chirping and protecting Hu Wa under its wings.

After casting a glance at Zhang Tao, Ye Chen noticed the two characters "Hengyue" on the robe, and recognized that the young man was a disciple of Hengyue Sect. Perspicacious Ye concluded that Zhang Tao\'s cultivation base reached the second level of Qi condensation.


Looking directly at Zhang Fengnian, Zhang Tao hummed coldly and said, "Old man, hand me what I want as soon as possible, or I will be rude to you."

"I do not have anything you want." Taking a deep breath, Zhang Fengnian\'s old face turned to be pale immediately.

"I give you face, but you do not want it." Zhang Tao roared with an evil look and kicked over the table like a lunatic robber.



Flapping wings, the giant bird rushed to Zhang Tao. A low-rank spiritual beast as it was, the bird owned higher spiritual intelligence. Irritation, the look human possessed, could be seen from its eyes.

"You are courting death." Zhang Tao\'s eyes looked cold, and the spiritual energy floating among his fingers condensed into an energy blade immediately and hurt the bird.

With its blood splashing, the bird fell to the ground.

"Little eagle!" Hu Wa threw himself to the bird.



Though the bird chirped in a weak voice, it still protected Hu Wa behind its wings.