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Filling in the stately Regulation Hall, the onlookers pointed at Ye Chen standing in the middle and even berated him resentfully.

Ye Chen stood still like a statue.

Looking gruff, Ye Chen was silent and figured out the whole process. What happened today was not a coincidence, but a set-up against him.

He turned around his head and saw Xu Ming sneering in the crowd.

Flicking a glance at Xu Ming\'s face, Ye Chen saw the identity card hanging on the waist of Xu Ming with \'Diyang Peak\' on it. The characters were not large but glaring and earlier Ye Chen supposed that Diyang Peak plotted against him.

Without arguing with other disciples, Ye Chen just looked at Yin Zhiping quietly, who was not far away from him.

"My master is in closed door training and I am authorized to deal with this dispute." Waving his folding fan, Yin Zhiping feigned justice and smiled jokingly while glimpsing at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, do you admit that you harm other disciples wantonly?"

"He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick. You can find a great deal of excuses if you want to plot against me." Grinning coldly, Ye Chen did not want to explain any more. He was trapped and what he said was nonsense.

"That being said, you admit your crime."

"As you don\'t defend yourself, I will punish you according to the rules. Given the Clause 9 of the regulation, anyone hurts other disciples without any fair reasons will be lashed by fire whip. You will be put at execution right now."

"Fire whip?" All the disciples in the hall were frightened by the two words and swallowed mouthfuls of slaver.

"Ye Chen will suffer a lot this time."

"Do you think how many whips he can bear?"

As the discussion rose and fell, the disciples standing at two sides of the Regulation Hall stepped towards Ye Chen, bound him to a frame with iron chains and undressed his upper gourmet.

A whip with flame burning was presented soon.

"Junior brother Ye, you can screech if you feel painful." Taking the whip, Yin Zhiping made a mockery of Ye Chen.

"Don\'t talk nonsense. Come on!"

Grinning sarcastically, Yin Zhiping lifted the fire whip in his hand and lashed Ye Chen forcefully.


The sound was clearly heard while Ye Chen was flogged.

The burning pain pierced his heart and bones, and Ye Chen seemed to look down upon the punishment. Unusual, the fire whip could make his skin split and flesh broken forth in one lash and left a bloodline seizing the onlookers\' eyes.

Even so, Ye Chen gritted his teeth and remained silent.

"Very well. What a strong-willed man you are!" Sneering, Yin Zhiping found that Ye Chen did not cry out, so he drew together all his strength and kept flogging Ye.




As each lash sounded, more bloodlines were left on Ye Chen\'s body.

"He deserves that. That is the aftermath for opposing Diyang Peak." Xu Ming grinned hideously.

"Harming other disciples , Ye Chen deserves this punishment."

"He finds the trouble himself. Nobody is to be blamed for."

Yin Zhiping seemed to be bribed by Diyang Peak, and lashed Ye Chen harshly. The whip in his hand like a snake made Ye Chen flesh-and-blood blurred.

How horrifying it was that bloodlines covered Ye Chen\'s body, with blood spilling.

Ye Chen never screamed all the time.

"How long can you endure?" Ye Chen\'s tolerance frustrated Yin Zhiping, who whipped more crazily to hear Ye Chen\'s shout.




It seemed that Yin Zhiping was insane.

As the chief disciple of the Regulation Hall, Yin Zhiping was clearly aware of the awful effect brought by the fire whip. The cultivators at the human core stage could not bear 100 lashes, let alone Ye Chen at Qi condensation stage. But Ye Chen already endured a hundred lashes without a shriek, which stunned Yin Zhiping.

"How…how many lashes?" Someone asked in a low voice. Among the onlookers, some kindhearted disciples were unbearable to see Ye Chen suffering.

"A hundred and eight. "

"He is still alive after being flogged 108 times. Isn\'t his body made of flesh?"

"He has not screeched yet."