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Chu Xuan rushed to take out a glowing message spell and whispered to it, "Senior brother, it is flying towards you."

"You just guard the southwestern part, don\'t approach here." A vigorous and deep voice came from the message spell.

"I got your point." Sitting in lotus flower position, Chu Xuan collected the message spell, linked her two hands above her head, as a flash rushed to sky and formed a huge tactical formation there.


As a roar sounded in the northeast, the ground quaked.


A deafening bellow came to their ears subsequently.

The roars were not only weird but also ear-splitting. Besides, with strong magic power, the howl made Ye Chen absent-minded, and he lurched on the place where he stood, nearly falling down.

Lifting her hand, Chu Xuan infused a flash of spiritual light into the middle of Ye Chen\'s eyebrows.

Ye Chen collected himself and looked at the northeast in aghast. Losing his mind because of the roar, he should have recognized the unusual white flash according to his ability.

Bewildered, Ye Chen forgot Chu Xuan standing beside him.

"What is it on earth?" Paralyzed by surprise, Ye Chen stared at the direction and murmured. He knew that Chu Xuan came with the white flash absolutely and they met here coincidentally.

Chu Xuan noticed that Ye Chen stood still and spoke with him in a deep voice, "Stop losing your mind. Just leave here promptly."

Hearing Chu Xuan\'s remarks, Ye Chen regained composure.

His stiff body relaxed as if he was rewarded amnesty. Regardless of the white flash\'s origin, Ye Chen hastened to crawl into the exuberant forest without turning back his head.

"Do I look so awful? " Glimpsing at Ye Chen, who was fleeing, Chu Xuan was astounded. If she had not controlled the tactic formation, she would have captured Ye Chen and asked him again.

Ye Chen disappeared in distance.

After Ye Chen left, another rainbow flew across the sky and transformed into a beautiful girl in white landing beside Chu Xuan, whom she resembled closely. No doubt, this one was Chu Ling.


Chu Ling felt puzzled when she stood on the ground.

Looking at the direction Ye Chen ran away, she rubbed her head and mumbled, as her pretty eyes blinked, "What a familiar scent it is!"

"Chu Ling, are you in closed door cultivation? Why do you come outside?" Chu Xuan stared at Chu Ling worriedly.

Flicking her look to the other side, Chu Ling threw up her hands and shrugged, " Hearing such a big noise, I could not hold back!"

"Exactly, this riot was more serious than the previous ones." Chu Xuan responded with a sullen face.

"Can the knot border trap it?" Looking up at the tactical formation in the sky, Chu Ling set her eyes on Chu Xuan.

"Senior brothers responsible for teaching are busy with intercepting it." Chu Xuan answered Chu Ling\'s question in a light voice. But she looked gloomy, "It becomes increasingly furious over time, I am not sure whether we could seal it in the future."

"I will give you a hand." Chu Ling sat in lotus position rapidly when she saw her elder sister\'s moody face, and showed her spirit light.

"Oh, I saw a strange boy just now."

"A strange boy? How strange is he?" With her big eyes winking, Chu Ling asked Chu Xuan\'s. Albeit an a-hundred-year-old cultivator, Chu Ling was as innocent as a young girl, remaining curious about everything.

"I can\'t tell the details but he is…rather eerie." Scratching her head, Chu Xuan did not know how to describe Ye Chen.

"All right! Let\'s skip the question."