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With Wei Yang\'s storage bag and other valuable gadgets, Ye Chen left the Wind and Cloud Podium for the Treasure Pavillion.

The trophy he gained this time was more abundant than that of last time when he dueled Zhao Long.

Albeit born with the icy vital energy, Wei Yang was not a talented cultivator, but regarded highly in Tianyang Peak.

The storage bag contained miscellaneous things, such as over a thousand spirit stones, less than forty bottles of jade spirit liquid, which combined with other things could be counted as considerable wealth.

"Very well." Ye Chen patted the bag happily and set one foot in the Treasure Pavilion.

Pang Dahai showed up upon Ye Chen\'s arrival.

Like the first time Ye Chen came here, he stared at Ye with a pair of sparkling big eyes. No thief could escape from his supervision.

"Boy, you come to me again. What do you want to buy? I can give you a lower price." Pang Dahai rubbed his hands with a weird smile. Ye Chen looked at him with his hair standing on end.

"Sect elder, do you have snow magnolia flowers?"

"Of course, I do." Gesturing, Pang Dahai answered, "Fifty spirit stones for each flower. How many do you want?"

"It is so…so expensive."

"I can give you a discount if you want more." As Pang Dahai stroked a handful of beard on his chin, he blinked to Ye Chen and replied, "The precondition for the discount is that you need to buy over fifty snow magnolia flowers."

Ye Chen thumped Wei Yang\'s storage bag on the counter, "Sect elder, can you check how many spirit stones is the content inside the storage bag worth?"

"Whew, your storage bag is heavy!" Pang Dahai opened the bag, cast a look inside it and glimpsed at Ye Chen, "Did you rob Wei Yang?"

Coughing, Ye Chen heard Pang Dahai\'s reply and asked, "How do you know?"

"Of course I do." As Pang Dahai took out a jade pedant and a glowing bead, he said, "You see, he bought these two items yesterday. "


Ye Chen touched his nose tip subconsciously.

Pang Dahai did not ask any more but bent down his head to count the value of the gadgets in the storage bag with a small abacus, responding, "Almost nine hundred spirit stones in total. Do you want to sell them?"

"Yes, I do." Ye Chen passed another storage bag with spirit stones inside to Pang Daihai, "Plus these spirit stones, it is worth nearly two thousand. Please exchange them for snow magnolia flowers for me."

Pang Dahai was so stunned and asked, "Snow magnolia flowers? Why do you want so many?"

"Stew them for soup."

"All right." Pang Dahai left and collected snow magnolia flowers for Ye Chen.

After a while, he returned with a storage bag and passed it to Ye Chen, "Ten flowers are free of charge. Here are fifty flowers totally."

"Thank you, sect elder." Taking the storage bag, Ye Chen edged forward and asked, "Sect elder, do you know which place is with the most snow magnolia flowers among the mountains behind Hengyue Sect? "

"None of the places are with many snow magnolia flowers. Even though the flower is not so rare, each sect or school appoints specially-assigned people to plant the likes of snow magnolia flower in its spiritual herbs garden since they are needed ingredients to refine the jade spirit liquid. Those grow on the mountains behind Hengyue Sect are wild and few."

"So it is!" Touching his chin, Ye Chen grumbled, "The snow magnolia flowers are controlled by the sect. I understand why I did not find a lot in the mountains behind Hengyue Sect. "

Ye Chen gave up the idea of picking them in the spiritual herbs garden, because not everyone could approach the place.

Ye Chen turned around to leave but was dragged by Pang Dahai.

"Sect elder, what\'s wrong?"

Rubbing his fatty and thick palms and winking at Ye Chen, Pang Dahai asked, "Boy, do you have more Blood-thirst pellets?"

"Blood-thirst pellets?"Astonished, Ye Chen waved his head, "I obtained a bottle of Blood-thirst pellets by chance and I don\' have more."

Pang Dahai felt regretful when hearing Ye Chen\'s response.

Noticing Pang Dahai\'s regret, Ye Chen asked curiously, "Sect elder, what is the origin of the Blood-thirst pellets? Why do you want them? "