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Wei Yang found something strange suddenly.

It was too late. Frozen Ye Chen moved and elevated his foot suddenly.

"The icy vital energy plays no effect on him." The onlookers were astounded.

So was Wei Yang by Ye Chen\'s abrupt movement. "You…"

Due to the short distance between the two guys and Wei Yang\'s carelessness, Ye Chen kicked Wei Yang\'s belly suddenly.

With a dull hum, Wei Yang staggered.

"It is impossible." Lurching backwards, he roared and could not accept this fact. Beyond his expectation, a disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage broke the restriction of his icy vital energy.

"Nothing is impossible." Laughing coldly, Ye Chen lunged to Wei Yang like a lion without leaving him any time to react.

Kicked by Ye Chen and wobbled, Wei Yang just steadied himself and did not run his spiritual energy to guard himself yet.

"Come back to me." Ye Chen hastened to take two steps forward, stretched his hands, grabbed Wei Yang\'s arm and dragged Wei Yang beside him.

Losing his balance, Wei Yang found his two feet off the ground before he was ready to batter Ye Chen and his body swung in a circle.


As a vociferous sound came, Wei Yang was thumped and fell on the podium, which was cracked by his body.


He coughed up blood.

Everything was not done yet. Ye Chen lifted Wei Yang and swung him again.




The thuds continued. Holding Wei Yang\'s arm, Ye Chen pounded Wei Yang onto the podium as if brandishing a lash and whipping the ground. Wei Yang\'s internal organs were displaced and he left a human-shape pit on the podium.

Stunned, the disciples watching the fight swallowed several mouthfuls of slaver.

"It is…unbelievable. I would die if I were Wei Yang."

"The fight is…amazing."

These words expressed everyone\'s opinion. Wei Yang, a cultivator born with the icy vital energy and at the peak of the sixth level of Qi condensation stage suffered a crushing defeat even without a chance to use his Xuan skills.


As Wei Yang screeched, Ye Chen plunged him on the podium.

Now, nearly half of his bones cracked and he was badly mutilated. Wei Yang could not move a little.

"No, that cannot happen!" With blood pumping from his mouth, Wei Yang glared at Ye Chen with his blood-shot eyes. With a great deal of secretive skills unapplied, Wei Yang was maimed.

"Senior brother Wei, albeit superior, have you ever imagined you will be in such a desperate plight one day?" Squatting, Ye Chen looked at Wei Yang smilingly.

Wei Yang wanted to say something, but his words were blocked by the blood spurting from his mouth.

"You\'d better keep silent." While speaking with Wei Yang, Ye Chen took away Wei\'s storage bag.

"You…" This situation caused Wei Yang\'s faint in a breath.

"Don\'t be panic. It is not done yet."

Ye Chen began to search all over Wei Yang\'s body. No matter the jade pedant on his waist, jade ring on his finger or jade beads mounted on the jade belt, Ye Chen took away everything invaluable and thrust them into his chest.

It seemed that he was a skillful robber and any treasure could not escape from his hand.

"How can he do this?" The onlookers were startled.

Though everyone fixed his eyes on Ye Chen, he still took away all the precious things from Wei Yang.

Wei Yang was penniless. How pitiful he was.

Everything was done.

Afterwards, Ye Chen disappeared on the Wind and Cloud Podium and slipped away.

It was tranquil for a long time after he left.

There were three main peaks of Hengyue Sect\'s outer schools. Ye Chen won two disciples instructed by the chief masters from two main peaks.