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"How slick you are! Today I will let you taste the result for defying Tianyang Peak."

Wei Yang stepped on his soles.

Soon, a trace of icy white vital energy spread circling around Wei Yang\'s feet promptly and every inch of the Wind and Cloud Podium froze at a fast speed.

"Icy vital energy." Ye Chen was a little surprised to see this.

"Boy, you know a lot!" Wei Yang smiled mockingly.

"I have seen it before." Ye Chen laughed grimly secretively.

He had seen this kind of cold-natured spiritual energy in Zhengyang Sect.

Someone was born with the icy vital energy, and some developed it during cultivation, bearing great pains as if ice piercing bones. Not everyone could put up with this chill and sharp pain.

Ye Chen was astounded to find that Wei Yang possessed this icy vital energy in nature.

The innate icy vital energy and developed one differentiated tremendously. The talents like Wei Yang were always instructed by their sects particularly.

The icy vital energy arrived at Ye Chen\'s feet instantly in an instant.

Instead of holding back, Ye Chen allowed the vital energy to intrude into his body and freeze his organs and meridians.


Ye Chen stood still, which the onlookers under the podium cried out for.

"Is Ye Chen courting death? The icy vital energy will harm him once it rushes into his body."

"I suppose he is aghast."

Most of the disciples watching this fight were defeated by Wei Yang.

It was hard for ordinary people to defend against it once the unusual icy vital energy invaded their bodies. They always shunned those who were capable of running the icy vital energy, fearing the energy\'s harmful effect.

Ye Chen neither escaped nor did anything to prevent the icy vital energy from freezing his body.


Ye Chen screeched after a short time.

No doubt, he feigned. Although Ye Chen could not exert all the energy of his true flame, he still shielded the icy energy and pretended to perplex Wei Yang.

That was his combating style, distracting the enemy and ambushing him.

The ice extended from Ye Chen\'s feet to his upper body and his entire body would be frozen in a short time at this pace.

Wei Yang smiled coldly.

He thought it would take him some efforts to defeat Ye Chen, but the fight nearly finished.

Wei Yang was confident for his icy vital energy. Disciples with a low cultivation base had no chance to win once they were frozen by it. The view that Ye Chen lost came across his mind.

"Well, I suppose I overestimate you." Sneering again, Wei Yang walked slowly to Ye Chen, who was nearly frozen up, and even disdained to applying Xuan skills.


The audiences all sighed helplessly.

In everyone\'s gaze, Wei Yang approached Ye Chen, looked him up and down jokingly, "How do you feel?"

Ye Chen feigned struggle, but did not get rid of the ice.

The icy vital energy was renowned for its ability to constrain people. It was hard to move with a frozen body.

But Ye Chen was not a commoner. With the true fire to protect him, he could ignore the harm brought by the icy vital energy.

Moreover, he firmly believed that his enormous vital energy enabled him to break the fetters of the icy vital energy even without the true fire. Leaving an impression of weakness to Wei Yang, he prepared to counterattack later after Wei Yang relaxed his vigilance.

"Combating with you wastes my time." Wei Yang lifted his palm as he grinned sarcastically.

When he was going to strike, an eerie smile flashed around the corner of Ye Chen\'s mouth.