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He spent all his spirit stones in buying the purple golden bottle gourd. Scratching his ears and chin in embarrassment, Ye Chen was too impoverished to afford any snow magnolia flower.

"How can I make some money?" Hesitant, he rubbed his head and found it was hard to achieve any goal without spirit stones.

"Ye Chen, let\'s duel tomorrow on the Wind and Cloud Podium." A voice came to the hill top while Ye Chen was contemplating.

When he heard the message, his eyes lit up.

"I can make some money this time." Rubbing his hands together, Ye Chen looked up at the majestic Tianyang Peak.

He judged the challenger to be Wei Yang from Tianyang Peak.

Ye Chen rejected Tianyang Peak\'s offer, that being said he humiliated Tianyang Peak.

Its chief master, Zhong Laodao was not a good revenger as Ge Hong was. But Ye Chen did not give Tianyang Peak face. If he did not teach Ye Chen a lesson, how could he set up Tianyang Peak\'s power and prestige?

But Ye Chen did not care so much at the moment. What he focused on was how to make fortune.

He did not mind fighting on the Wind and Cloud Podium again as long as he could earn some money.

Soon it dawned.

Many disciples from outer schools came out before the sun rose.

Last night, that Wei Yang was to challenge Ye Chen was heard everywhere. The curious disciples all gathered under the podium early morning.

"Do you think whether Ye Chen can win or not this time?"

Everyone was talking about the duel before Ye Chen and Wei Yang came.

"I suppose Ye Chen has a slim chance to win this time. As a cultivator at the peak of the sixth level of Qi condensation stage, Wei Yang surpasses Zhao Long by an entire stage. But the gap is tremendous. "

"I guess Ye Chen will win."

"I don\'t think so. Do you forget Wei Yang\'s skills?"

"Icy vital energy." When mentioning Wei Yang\'s skills, all the disciples all trembled.

"Look, Wei Yang is coming."

As the reminder went, all the onlookers set their eyes in one direction.

There, the disciples made their way for Wei Yang of great presence in white robe. He enjoyed a prestige and heard flattery all the way.

He was quite self-satisfied to see others\' fearful looks.

Wei Yang pretended to be indifferent to fame and wealth, and walked up the Wind and Cloud Podium directly with both hands at his back. Standing still, he squinted at others arrogantly.

"Ye Chen is coming."

His arrival caused a stir among the onlookers.

The crowd gave its way to Ye Chen silently.

He walked at a powerful and stable pace, shouldering his over-200-jin Tianque Sword.


Many disciples swallowed mouthfuls of slaver when seeing the heavy Tianque Sword, recalling that Zhao Long was battered by the sword and kneeled down on the ground a few days ago. If any common disciple had been hit by it, he would have been dead.

"Morning, everyone." Waving his hand, Ye Chen greeted others and climbed up to the podium.

Right now, Wei Yang, who stood on the Wind and Cloud Podium, opened his eyes.

"Ye Chen, you declined Tianyang Peak\'s offer. How dare you are!" Weiyang reproached Ye Chen as if extinguishing his arrogant flame.

Ye Chen twitched his eyebrows and answered, "Senior brother Wei, your words does not make sense. Regulations of Hengyue Sect do not require me to join Tianyang Peak. It is my choice to join your school or not. If I turn down Tianyang Peak\'s invitation, do I disobey any regulation?"