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Exhaling turbid air, Ye Chen held three bottles of jade spirit liquid and absorbed thick medicinal aroma from the bottles greedily.

"My efforts are rewarded." Ye Chen rested while wiping his sweat and smelling the scent of the medicine and refreshed after a while.

"I wonder how the effect is." Ye Chen grumbled and gulped one bottle of jade spirit liquid down.

Suddenly, he revitalized.

The jade spirit liquid soothed tense and nurtured his organs. Its pure vital energy fuelled him after he consumed a great deal of spiritual energy while refining the spirit liquid. Ye Chen felt as if spring water flowed along all his meridians.


Ecstatic and confused, Ye Chen touched the border of the second level of Qi condensation stage thanks to drinking spirit liquid continuously.

He went on drinking.

Ye Chen drank up the two bottles left.

Now, golden fire gushed out.

When seen from afar, golden flame burned on Ye Chen\'s body, and his long black hair fluttered without being blown any wind. A huge spiritual energy whirlpool came into form revolving around Ye Chen, who absorbed the vital energy between the heavens and the earth like a black hole.


Hearing such a sound somewhere, Ye Chen did not know what time it was now.

"I advanced." As Ye Chen yelled, he raised his cultivation base from the first level to the second level of Qi condensation stage.

His body transformed a lot. The elixir sea widened a great deal, the vital energy mounted and purified increasingly. His meridians and bones turned to be more tenacious and dyed dashes of gold.

Except that, Ye Chen also discovered that his fist contained abundant energy and was certain that he could beat a cow to death within one punch.


He breathed out some turbid air and slowly opened his eyes.



He squirmed his stiff body and heard the collision sound of his bones, feeling cozy.

"Very well." Ye Chen could not hold back cheering.

However, what excited him most was far from that. The spiritual energy encompassed in the jade spirit liquid which was refined by him was much stronger than that of the one provided by the sect.

"The jade spirit liquid refined by the true fire is superior to the one by the earth fire."

He came up with a way to make money instantly.

With the true fire and refinement method in hand, Ye Chen could raise his refinement speed and quality dramatically someday. The jade spirit liquid could not only fill his enormous elixir sea and boost his cultivation, but also be exchanged for more useful items.

Oppressing his joy, Ye Chen worked harder.

He summoned his true fire, gathered and transformed it into a stove, and plunged the spiritual herbs into it.

Following his previous successful example, Ye Chen became more and more skillful in controlling the flames of the true fire. As a result, the spiritual energy of the jade spirit liquid kept purifying all along.

He stopped refining until night fell.

Ye Chen had to stop because the spiritual herbs were used up, to be more precise, the snow magnolia flowers ran out of stock.

"All the spiritual herbs could be found easily in the mountain behind the sect, except the snow magnolia flowers."

After seeking for a long time yesterday, Ye Chen picked numerous spiritual herbs, among which there were only nine snow magnolia flowers.

"I need to figure out how to get more snow magnolia flowers." While Ye Chen stroked his chin, the Treasures Pavilion came across his mind.

"It is not hard to find the snow magnolia flower in the Treasures Pavilion, a place with ample rare collections. But my spirit stones…" Ye Chen grumbled, cast a look at his storage bag and coughed.