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Everything happened in a short time. Given his fighting capabilities, Ye Chen had little time to react. His rival was at the human core stage, with a powerful cultivation base. Besides, he ambushed Ye Chen, as a result there was no space for Ye Chen to counterattack.


Ye Chen vomited blood after steadying himself, but lurched and almost fell down.

Now he saw the coming person clearly.

That was a young and dashing man in white robe and behaved in a gentle and cultivated manner, but his mocking smile made people disgust.

"Senior brother Qi Hao." Sun Xiyue smiled sweetly at once and admiration glinted in her eyes.

"Junior sister Su, are you all right?" A warm smile showed on Qi Hao\'s face, but it was pretentious.

"I am all right." Cared by her lover, Su Xinyue smiled shyly, twisted around to look at Ye Chen and said frostily, "Senior brother, he is Ye Chen."


Qi Hao flicked a curious look at Ye Chen, "You are the new intern disciple."

"Albeit your cultivation base at the human core stage, you attacked my sneakily." Ye Chen sneered, but the flame of fury ignited in his heart.

Qi Hao made a mockery of Ye Chen, "Don\'t think you are the No.1 disciple in the world after defeating Zhao Long. In my eyes, you are so weak that even could not withstand a single blow. Renyang Peak invited you, but you failed to appreciate its kindness. "

"Today you ambushed me, one day I will get it back. Remember!"

"I am waiting for your retaliation." Qi Hao derided at Ye Chen.

He turned around, ran to Su Xinyue as if flying, picked one snow magnolia flower and handed it to her gently, "Junior sister Su, the flower is for you."

"Thank you." Su Xinyue flushed and smiled shyly.

"Let\'s return to Renyang Peak."

"All right."

The two left neck and neck, leaving Ye Chen lurching behind.

"I will always remember what happened today. You just wait for me." Ye Chen wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, as his eyes glinted coldly.

He did not leave there, but looked for a shelter to heal himself secretively.

Ye Chen recovered in less than half a day and continued seeking the snow magnolia flower.

He needed the flower to refine the jade spirit liquid, which could fill his elixir field and helped him to make breakthrough in a short time.

Ye Chen did not leave the mountains behind the sect until dawn. He found nine snow magnolia flowers after nine hour\'s hard work. The flowers were enough for him to produce the spirit liquid.

He returned to the small hill top again.

After calming down and condensing his Qi, Ye Chen summoned his true fire, controlled it by Qi defense skill and shaped it into a stove with flame burning inside.

Afterwards, he flipped the herbs into the stove one after another. As the true flame vibrated, the herbs burned into ashes the second they were thrown into the stove.

"Is the fire rampant?" Ye Chen continued to restrain the true fire steadily.

As a dozen of spiritual herbs were tossed into the stove and withered rapidly, drops of liquid in multiple colors were extracted.

It was a slow process.

Highly concentrated, Ye Chen was clear-headed and sweated all over his body. Though he failed several times, Ye Chen also found the key to the refinement. With the ashes of spiritual herbs kept packing on the ground, Ye Chen became increasingly adept at commanding the true fire.

He did not what time the hill top was suffused with medicine aroma.

"It is done!" As Ye Chen yelled, some spirit liquid flew out of the stove and he filled it with a jade bottle.