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"I only have this bottle of Blood-thirst Pellets." Ye Chen raised his hands in a helpless gesture, "Sect elder can take it if you think it is worth two hundred spirit stones."

"Boy, stop going bad! Go the right way!" Tucking the little black bottle into his chest, Pang Dahai lectured Ye Chen in a hypocritical manner.

"The Blood-thirst Pellets are too toxic. I will keep them. You can take the purple golden bottle gourd. "

Hearing Pang\'s reply, Ye Chen held back but still could not help twitching his lips. He talked to himself that Pang Dahai wanted the pellets but pretended to behave highly moral as if suffering great loses.

Ye Chen took out a thousand and a hundred spirit stones though he cursed Pang Dahai secretively.

"The purple golden bottle gourd is yours."

"Thank you, sect elder."

Ye Chen thrust the purple golden bottle gourd into his chest and slipped out of the Treasures Pavilion, fearing that Pang Dahai would go back on his words and rob the bottle gourd.

Pang Dahai took out the small black bottle after Ye Chen left.

"Blood-thirst pellets from the Blood-thirst Palace! I make a big fortune this time." Holding the small black bottle in hand, Pang Dahai chuckled.

Ye Chen sat in lotus position and fetched out the purple golden bottle gourd after returning to the small hill top.

As he sliced through his finger with a dagger, a drop of blood fell on the bottle gourd and was soon absorbed by it.

However, the secret skills Ye Chen yearned for did not exist in the bottle gourd, which disappointed him.

"A thousand and three hundred spirit stones!" With the bottle gourd in his hand, Ye Chen clicked his tongue and felt heart ache at the thought of the spirit stones spent. "I planned to buy several bottles of spirit liquid, but spared all my fortunes on you."


Waving his head, Ye Chen put the small bottle gourd into the storage bag.

But he did not notice that a dash of purple light flashed the moment he placed the bottle gourd into the bag.

Ye Chen took out the ancient volume and began to read carefully.

Core refinement was new to him. It took nine hours for Ye Chen to study the essence of the ancient volume. He did not put it down until the refinement method was engraved in his mind.

The refinement process was not complicated, but a dozen of spiritual herbs were needed as ingredients. To Ye Chen\'s relief, the herbs were not hard to find.

Now, the sun set.

Looking up at the sky, Ye Chen turned over, leapt high and walked towards the mountains behind Hengyue Sect.

Compared with the vital energy among spirit mountains, the spirit energy was not thick here. But it was still a good place to plant spiritual herbs. Many disciples from Hengyue sect always came here to pick spiritual grass.

Ye Chen sought the needed spiritual herbs amidst thickly grown bushes and blooming flowers according to the instruction recorded in the ancient volume. After one hour, all the spirit herbs in need were collected by him.

Ye Chen checked all the herbs and said, "Only the snow magnolia flower is left."

"The snow magnolia flower is rare, maybe it does not grow here!" Grumbling, Ye Chen jumped into the bushes.

How lucky Ye Chen was! He found a snow magnolia flower soon.

With spirit energy revolving around, the flower was warm in nature and snow-white all over. People felt cool when touching it.

Ye Chen did not leave the bushes after obtaining one flower.

It was his first time to refine the jade spirit liquid and he would fail mostly. So Ye Chen\' d better prepare more snow magnolia flowers.

In a short time, he found the second one.

"I am fortunate." Laughing, Ye Chen bounced on a rock and plucked the flower.

The moment his feet touched the ground, he heard a disapproving voice.

"I saw the snow magnolia flower first." The voice was in a light and cold tone.

A graceful shadow came out of the flowers, and as beautiful as a lotus flower in the moonlight.

The person was Su Xinyue from Renyang Peak, wasn\'t she?