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It was spacious inside, and the aromatic spirit herbs and fruits could be smelled. Looking around, Ye Chen saw numerous remarkable gadgets, which seized his eyes.

"Fire lotus flower."

Ye Chen fixed his eyes on a lotus flower, with a flame burning on its upper side and a pure fire scent rushing to his face. Thick spiritual energy revolved around the flower, containing purified spirit core.

Ye Chen licked lips and swallowed a mouthful of slaver after checking the price.

"Five hundred spirit stones." He swiveled his head but was reluctant to leave. The number of the spirit stones he had was just over a thousand. A striking spirit energy he had, Ye Chen begrudged buying it.

Taking several steps, he was attracted by the items sold in the pavilion.

"Human core herb."

"Green yang flower."

"Purple vine ginseng."

The thriving spirit herbs made Ye Chen gulp his saliva. If he had a chance to swallow all the herbs and refine them, his cultivation base must advance dramatically.

"But the price…" Swinging his head helplessly, Ye Chen held back and did not check the prices any more.

He thought a thousand spirit stones were not a small fortune, but overestimated his wealth. The spirit stones he had could not be used to buy anything invaluable.

Ye Chen hung around for almost an hour.

He ignored the area selling spirit tools. Compared with Tianque Sword, no spirit tools could impress him.

Ye Chen picked an ancient volume when coming to the area selling books about Xuan skills. But the books were all about the basic energy defense skills, which Ye Chen already mastered.

"Jade spirit liquid?" Ye Chen took up a broken one with four words \'Jade Spirit Liquid Volume\' on it.

Puzzled, he turned to the first page, but still felt confused. The first page recorded some methods to refine the jade spirit liquid.

"Can this be sold in the Treasures Pavilion?" As an indispensable thing in daily cultivation for disciples from Hengyue Sect, the jade spirit liquid not only included spirit energy but also functioned as currency, just as spirit stones did.

But the liquid had been monopolized by the sect.

In Ye Chen\'s opinion, the refinement method would by no means be taught to the irrelevant people. Now the book instructing how to refine the liquid lay in front of his eyes. Were the masters not afraid that some disciples would learn the method secretively?

Rubbing his head, Ye Chen was startled when glimpsing at its price.

"It is surreal! How precious the refinement method is! But the volume is sold at twenty spirit stones." When Ye Chen set his eyes on the ancient volume, he naturally regarded it as counterfeit.

Outside the pavilion, Pang Dahai twisted his stout body and walked inside. When Pang saw Ye Chen entranced with the volume in his hand, he asked, "Boy, are you interested in the volume about the jade spirit liquid?"

Ye Chen came to himself, scratched his head and asked smilingly, "Sect elder, is this volume marked the wrong price?"


"Is the volume about the refinement method of jade spirit liquid worth twenty spirit stones?"

"It is invaluable, but useless for common cultivators!"


"When comes to refining the jade spirit liquid, a flame bred by the heavens or the earth is needed, at least the earth fire is in need. Common cultivators don\'t have the earth fire, so the volume is useless for them." Picking his ears, Pang Dahai continued, "In Hengyue Sect, there is only one earth fire sealed in the Spirit Core Pavilion, taken charge by Xu Fu. He cherishes the fire so much and the Spirit Core Pavilion makes more money than my Treasures Pavilion does."

"The earth fire?" As his eyes glistened, Ye Chen whispered, "Can the true fire be used in the refinement?"