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Ye Chen slipped out of the little spiritual garden. He sought some thickly grown bushes and sat on a huge rock in lotus flower position.



Soon, his bones knocked against one another.

After three-hour refinement, Ye Chen sweated and nearly collapsed. He gradually adapted to the sharp pain though his body were almost torn apart.

Benefiting from the refinement, Ye Chen felt that his body became much stronger after practicing an entire circulation of the secret skill of burning sky. And the potential strength contained in his muscles excited him.

Bathing in the moonlight and starry light, Ye Chen gulped the purified spiritual energy amidst the mountains after wearing out his physical power.

One hour later, he jumped off the huge rock.

Next, he began to exercise the close fight skills instructed in the Classic of Beast Wrestle. In coordination with the strong body, Ye Chen\'s attacking power turned to be mighty.

Morning glow appeared in the east when Ye Chen collected his breath.

In the morning, the spiritual energy was the thickest and the essence of the sun and moon purest. When Ye Chen climbed up the spirit mountain of Hengyue Sect, many disciples already walked out of their mansions.

"Ye Chen!"

Flicking eerie looks at him, disciples sitting on the rock in lotus position did breathing exercise.

At this moment, most of them did not dare to look down upon the new intern disciple. After yesterday\'s fight, Ye Chen\'s reputation spread in the sect. His unyielding spirit was shown when he provoked Ge Hong in the public.

"The boy is famous for yesterday\'s battle. But he will suffer in the future."

Lots of disciples discussed privately and pointed at Ye Chen.

"How could Ge Hong get over this?"

"As far as I am concerned, one of Ge Hong\'s lineal disciples finished his close door training in advance and threatened to batter Ye Chen to a disabled man."

"Really? Another drama will be on show."

As the surrounding disciples whispered, Ye Chen walked past them, shouldering his sword. With an amazing sense of hearing, he could capture some useful information.

"Lineal disciple." His eyes glinted and Ye Chen knew that it would be hard for him to lead a tranquil life in the following days.

Albeit new here, he heard a great deal of comments about Ge Hong, a person would revenge on his enemy at any cost. Ge Hong must retaliate against him with every conceivable means.

"I need to boost my cultivation base hurriedly." Murmuring, Ye Chen speeded up.

He stopped in front of a pavilion after turning several corners.

With tens of thousands of square zhang, the majestic pavilion was a landmark, and a board inscribed \'Treasures Pavilion\' hung at its top.

The pavilion was a shop, selling miscellaneous useful things, such as spirit herbs, spirit liquid, spirit fruits, spirit jade, Xuan skill and spirit tools.

There were a lot of fantastic treasures here except the gadgets mentioned above. It was said that all of them were treasures, but no one could tell they were true or fake.

Disciples could purchase those things by spirit stones, or sell their belongings here. Similar sect shops also existed in Zhengyang Sect, and its business thrived.

"Is there any valuable things in the Treasures Pavilion?" Whispering, Ye Chen stepped inside.

The old man taking charge of the pavilion was fat and bulky, with a belly like a balloon. People called him Pang Dahai. Being different from Zhou Dafu who was responsible for the Spirit Tools Pavilion, Pang Dahai stared everyone with his bright piercing eyes wide open. Nobody was capable of escaping from his eyes if he stole things here.

"Hello, sect elder." Ye Chen came into the pavilion and bowed respectfully at Pang Dahai.

"Help yourself!" With a bare chest and a pair of sparkling eyes, Pang Dahai looked like a Buddha, "Boy, don\'t stole the treasures."

"I won\'t." Chuckling, Ye Chen went to the innermost part of the pavilion.