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The little spiritual garden was not tranquil at night. When they were halfway through the dinner, a beautiful guest came to visit them.

The coming person was a female disciple in white. Bathing in the silver moonlight, the girl looked as cold as marble. Taking a closer look, Ye Chen found that the girl was Su Xinyue, who watched his fight under the podium today.

"Whew! Senior sister Su, why do you come here?" Ye Chen did not glance at her, but picked a a piece of wolf meat and asked calmly.

Hearing Ye Chen\'s reply, Su Xinyue took a deep breath and held back, but her face darkened.

"Our chief master invited you to join Renyang Peak." Responding coldly, Su Xinyue flipped a letter to Ye Chen, "If you accept our invitation, you can come to Renyang Peak tomorrow."

Suppressing her anger, Su Xinyue answered gruffly. She was the last disciple of the chief master from Renyang Peak and also the star among the outer schools of Hengyue Sect. Beyond her expectation, she was lectured by Ye Chen today and moreover, the Immortal Qingyang asked her to send his message to Ye Chen.

"I am overwhelmed by the invitation of Renyang Peak!"

"You are informed now. Behave yourself." Su Xinyue did not want to stay here any longer, left the invitation letter, spun around and walked outside.

When she arrived at the gate of the little spiritual garden, she stopped and cast a look at Ye Chen, who was still gormandizing his food, "Do you think you are unconquerable after defeating Zhao Long? Great deals of disciples from Hengyue Sect are superior to you. It is difficult for you to accomplish great goals if you concentrate on how to quell others. "

Finishing her speech, Su Xinyue left as light and quick as a breeze.

When Su Xinyue left, Ye Chen remained still and stuffed the wolf meat.

"Boy, Renyang Peak is one of the three main outer schools. You just join them! Don\'t waste your future. Everything will pass once you endure for some time."

"Sir, I understand what you mean." Ye Chen giggled and wiped the oil stain around his mouth.

Soon, the garden door was pushed open again. A disciple of great presence in white came inside, and his cultivation reached the sixth level of Qi condensation stage. Even though Zhao Long was one level inferior to this man, but he was much stronger than Zhao Long.

The coming person named Wei Yang was the last disciple of the chief master from Tianyang Peak.

"It is you that defeated Zhao Long?" Waving his folding fan, Weiyang glanced at Zhang Fengnian and gazed at Ye Chen jokingly.

Whew! Ye Chen thought Wei Yang would be polite as he appeared to be. But Wei Yang left a bad impression to Ye Chen while speaking. Wei Yang seemed to be decent, but was hypocritical in essence.

"Why does senior brother pay us a visit at deep night?" Ye Chen did not care to respond the likes of Wei Yang and asked in a common but cynical tone.

"Nothing serious. I come here to send my master\'s message that you can join Tianyang Peak." Smiling, Wei Yang swung his fan and kept his chin high, as if towering above the rest.


Burying his head in the food, Ye Chen answered simply.

Wei Yang did not feel bothered or annoyed, but smiled wryly, twisted around and stepped towards the gate.

When reaching it, he glimpsed at Ye Chen as Su Xinyue did, "You arrogant boy has already enraged Diyang Peak. It is your honor to accept our offer. You\'d better appreciate our favor. To be honest, you are nothing in Tianyang Peak."

Wei Yang swiveled his folding fan and walked out.

Ye Chen put down his bowl and chopsticks after Wei Yang left.

"Boy, you…" Zhang Fengnian wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ye Chen.

"Sir, I know what you want to express." Ye Chen erased the oil stain around his lips, smiling, "I do want to find a backup. But as you see, all of them look down upon me. I will invite public contempt, if I ask them to take me as their disciple."


Sighing, Zhang Fengnian was silent.

"I have already seen through everything within the schools and sects." Ye Chen smiled and continued, "It is a sinister world where the strongest is honored. An intern disciple as I am, I would rather not join the three main peaks. "

"Choose the way fitting you most, but don\'t make yourself suffer."

"I will always remember your earnest teachings."