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"I am waiting for you." Ge Hong intimidated Ye Chen before leaving, but Ye Chen only sneered.

A duel without any suspense turned to be an amazing one with an unexpected outcome. The intern disciple not only defeated Ge Hong\'s disciple, but also provoked Ge Hong, humiliating the whole Diyang Peak.

After the fight, Ye Chen made his presence felt in Hengyue Sect and also became everyone\'s topic.

"Have you seen that Ye Chen nearly struck Zhao Long to death by his sword?"

"The chief master of Diyang Peak was so enraged that he almost killed Ye Chen at site. What a poker face he had!"

"It is illogical!" On Tianyang Peak, Zhong Laodao lay in his chair and sat up after hearing a disciple\'s report. An astonishing look could be discerned from his fatty face.

"Zhao Long lost?" On Renyang Peak, the Immortal Qingyang felt astounded and opened his eyes while meditating after he heard Su Xinyue\'s narration. The result was beyond his expectation.

However, Ge Hong\'s roars spread to the entire Diyang Peak.

"Trash! All of you!" As his face darkened, Ge Hong berated the disciples loudly, "All of you dishonor the reputation of Diyang Peak."

All the disciples kneeled down and kept silent when they saw Ge Hong blowing his stack.

But Ye Chen, the protagonist of the disturbance hid in the bushes behind the hills and checked his trophy.

The so-called trophy was the storage bag given by Ge Hong.

In the bag, piled up a great deal of shiny stones--spirit stones. With abundant spirit energy sealed inside, they were the currencies used by cultivators to buy things or to cultivate.

"There are five hundred spirit stones." After counting the stones, Ye Chen was stunned to find that Ge Hong was generous.

Disciples from the outer schools of Hengyue Sect could receive twenty spirit stones each month. Five hundred spirit stones were a large fortune for Ye Chen.


Breaking up one of the spirit stone, Ye Chen absorbed the pure spirit energy greedily and fueled himself after great strength consumption in the fight.

He collected the storage bag after absorbing the vital energy contained in a dozen of spirit stones. Ye Chen already enraged Ge Hong and it was said that Ge was bound to revenge anyone offended him. Although Ye Chen was new in Hengyue Sect, he heard a lot of comments about him.

"It seems that I will suffer a lot in the following days." Ye Chen had a headache and rubbed the central of his forehead.

At dusk, he came out from the hill silently and returned to the little spiritual garden.

Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa already healed, but the little eagle did not recuperate very well.

Soon, a big iron pot was put up, with fire burning under it. Ye Chen stewed the blood wolf he had hunted in the pot and the tantalizing aroma permeated in the little spiritual garden.

"I have never seen so much meat since a long time ago." Hu Wa wiped away his slaver many times and flicked a look at the little eagle who was staring at the iron pot as well, laughing, "Little eagle, you can be fed up today."

"Boy, today you…" Zhang Fengnian gazed at Ye Chen, holding back the words sprang to his lips.

"I am all right today!" Smiling, Ye Chen put some seasoning into the pot and did not mention what happened on the Wind and Cloud Podium.

"Fine…"Zhang Fengnian smiled warmly, but deep concern glinted in his eyes.

The battle between Ye Chen and Zhao Long spread quickly. Zhang Fengnian heard a little about that and felt warm and surprised. He never imagined a stranger he once saved would revenge for him even at the cost of challenging Ge Hong\'s authority in public.

But he was also sorrowful when thinking about it.

As a former sect elder of Hengyue Sect, Zhang Fengnian had led a tragic life since he was banished. His senior and junior brothers looked down upon him and young disciples sometimes found trouble with him.

Compared with the senior and junior brothers as well as the villainous disciples, Ye Chen, who stood before his face, was superior to the guys.

"Come, it is time for dinner." Ye Chen did not notice the changes of Zhang Fengnian\'s facial expression and took out some stewed wolf meat for him.

"I can\'t wait any longer, ha…ha…"

"Little eagle, this one is for you. The more you eat, the more quickly you will recover."

All of them sweated all over their bodies during the meal. Blood wolf was a valuable demonic beast. Its meat could be used to stew soup, which benefited the wounded, such as Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa. After taking the soup, people would feel warm all over their bodies.