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"Master." A dozen of disciples under the podium were ecstatic to see Ge Hong and lowered their bodies to the ground.

"Hi, martial uncle Ge."

"Hello, martial uncle Ge."

Everyone put their right hands over the left, bowed to Ge Hong slightly and also stood in silent tribute for Ye Chen in mind. It was acknowledged that Ge Hong sought revenge for the smallest grievance. The one whom he grudged against would die miserably.

"Master, help! Ye Chen is crazy, he wants to kill me." Oppressed by Tianque Sword, Zhao Long smiled wryly and hurried to ask Ge Hong to rescue him.

"Master, Ye Chen focused all his attention on killing and should be sent to the Regulation Enforcement Palace for punishment." The disciples from Diyang Peak shouted.

"What an evil he is at such a young age. What will he do in the future? "

"Master, please exercise justice for senior brother Zhao."

"Noisy." Ge Hong reproached the disciples gruffly, with his face darkening. Zhao Long, a disciple instructed by himself, was beaten by an intern disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage. As the chief master, he lost his face.

He was astounded when thinking of Ye Chen, who won Zhao Long. That being said, the boy was not so weak as he appeared.

After hearing a disciple\'s report, Ge Hong could not believe what he heard. Ye Chen, whom he ignored that day, was a capable cultivator. Ge Hong regretted not taking Ye Chen as his disciple. The farce would not have shown today, if he had accepted Ye Chen that day.

"Ye Chen, loosen your grip!" Ge Hong stroked his beard and spoke like God, as if announcing a judgment, "I have seen your cultivation base, and you can be my disciple now."


"What\'s wrong?" The onlookers talked in surprise, "It is my first time to see martial uncle Ge offers to take a disciple."

"Nonsense. Ye Chen challenged Zhao Long to attract martial uncle Ge\'s eyes and be a disciple of Diyang Peak. Now he achieves his goal."

Ye Chen did not release his grip and sneered at Ge Hong\'s utterance, "Chief master, thanks for your appreciation, but I do not plan to be your disciple."


The audiences went crazy.

Millions of disciples yearned for being instructed by Ge Hong, but his invitation was refused by an intern disciple.

It was the first time for He Gong to invite others to be his disciple, however, this time he was turned down.

"What did you say?" Ge Hong stared at Ye Chen with a sullen face, and his eyes glinted coldly. Everyone could feel his imposing manner.

Ye Chen did not give Ge Hong face in front of everyone.

Zhao Long\'s defeat embarrassed Ge Hong. But he was willing to give up his patronizing manner and invited Ye Chen. Unexpectedly, Ye Chen\'s refusal made him lose his face. Now he was the laughing stock of Hengyue Sect.

"I tell you that I do not intend to be a disciple of Diyang Peak." With his mouth bleeding, Ye Chen behaved neither humble nor pushy.

A good horse would never turn round to graze on an old pasture, and that was the belief Ye Chen held.

Ye Chen was neglected indifferently by the three chief masters, but now one of them ordered him to join his school. Ye Chen was not a puppet.

"Very well." Ge Hong\'s loud laughter shattered the sky and made everyone\'s hair stand on end. All the onlookers could feel his rage from the laughter.

"Ye Chen will suffer a lot. Martial uncle Ge will revenge on him. It is hard for Ye Chen to live a normal life in our sect in the future."

"How shameless Ye Chen is! Who does he think he is?"

"Let Zhao Long go." Glaring at Ye Chen, Ge Hong snapped at him. Quaked by Ge Hong\'s enormous energy, Ye Chen coughed up blood.

"Sorry, I can\'t. We agreed to bet our lives before the fight. Today, Zhao Long must die." Lurching, Ye Chen steadied himself and placed his dagger at Zhao Long\'s neck.


The disciples appalled at this scene and gasped.

Ye Chen was so bold and dared to challenge Ge Hong\'s bottom line.

He defeated Zhao Long, which made He Hong awkward. Then he rejected Ge Hong\'s invitation and did not give him face. Now Ye Chen declined to release Zhao Long. Did he want to humiliate Ge Hong before all the disciples?

"Evil creature, you are courting death." As a strong wind lifted Ge Hong\'s robe, he growled at Ye Chen, raised his hand and intended to hit.

But Ye Chen prepared ahead of Ge Hong and stepped back a dozen of zhangs with Zhao Long.

"Chief master, I am a human, not a livestock." Ye Chen stopped and looked directly at Ge Hong, answering in a constant and forceful tone.